3 Reasons Why I Deactivated Tweetmeme Today!

I am now using the official Tweet button provided by Twitter. The reasons for my switch are:

1. The Tweetmeme plugin for WordPress™ no longer seems to count the tweets. It seems they were hacked recently and they never fully recovered from that!

2. I realized that I am not the only one having the issue

3. Found out from this blog what I am ‘missing’ out on by NOT using the official Twitter button!

So, adios, tweetmeme! :D

The official Tweet button does take a little time to update the tweet counts but at least it does its job! :)

TIP: When creating the Tweet button, be sure to add your own Twitter username first in the "recommendation" box; you can add another username too! Twitter would recommend following these people to anyone who tweets any of your blog posts! :)

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