4 Awesome Ways to Get Rid of Acne Scars Fast!

If you recently suffered from an acne breakout and have successfully gotten rid of your pimples without any action from your part, you may be fooled into thinking that the acne scars left behind would also vanish likewise. Nothing could be further from the truth! Scars take ages to heal, and some scars, especially the very deep ones, do not heal on their own at all; these scars can be gotten rid of only by surgery. However, if your skin has lost its natural color slightly or you want to get rid of the minor bumps on your face, then some of the treatments I am going to suggest in this article should work for you!

Vitamin A: Our skin has the ability to heal itself naturally, but scars are a different ballgame altogether; if you do nothing at all, then the scars would probably get healed after several years! Now, who wants to bear with an ugly face for such a long time! Fortunately, you can speed up the skin’s regeneration ability with the application of Vitamin A supplements. With the help of Vitamin A, your old scars would be discarded and the newer, healthier ones would be formed in its place within a very short time! There are several Vitamin A products available – especially look for the skin care products containing retinol as retinol is the purest known form of Vitamin A. Failing that, you can also buy products containing beta carotene, tretinoin and retinyl acetate! Tretinoin is in fact, a pretty product for treating acne but its adverse side effects makes it unsuitable for the skin of most people, especially those with sensitive skin!

Beta Hydroxyl Acid and Alpha Hydroxyl Acid: As good as Vitamin A is, why not speed up the scar removal process a bit more; after all, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible, right? That is where skin exfoliation agents like beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) and alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) come in. These ingredients not only exfoliate the dead skin cells but also clean the congested pores of the skin! Using any of these ingredients with Vitamin A is sure to help you get rid of acne scars faster than otherwise; if you are allergic to any of these ingredients then I would suggest against their usage – as a safe precaution, even though cases of people suffering from serious side-effects from these medications are extremely rare. In fact, you can get these from your local chemist’s shop without the need of a doctor’s prescription!

Skin Whiteners: Do you know that the reason scars look so prominent on your skin is due to the excessive presence of melanin around the scar tissue? One of the ways to hide the scar is to use skin whiteners or skin lightening products! With the regular application of such products, your scars might even vanish (unless you have very deep scars) completely! Specially, look for products containing any of the following ingredients: vitamin c, camellia sinesis extract, sunscreens, and glutathione!

Keep your body hydrated: Don’t forget that one of the most effective ways to get rid of acne and acne scars is to keep your body hydrated all the time. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day, along with eating fruits containing water, is one natural way of keeping your body from getting dehydrated. This apart, you can also use moisturizers; please use only water-based moisturizers, and AVOID the oil-based variety at all costs!

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