4 Reasons Why You Are Unable to Get Rid of Acne

If you believe that only teenagers or young people in their 20s suffer from acne, you are far from the truth! In fact, even middle-aged men in their 40s and 50s suffer from it too. After all, anyone whose sebaceous glands produce an excessive amount of sebum can suffer from acne. Therefore, is not the issue here. The issues here are stress, hormonal changes, dietary changes, as well as touching one’s face too often with one’s dirty hands – those are the very things that can aggravate acne.

BTW, did you know that the acne treatment products which worked great for you in your teenage years may not work just as well now? That is because adult skin tends to be drier than teen skin!

Especially aggravating is the back acne, often shortened to ‘bacne’. If you are a woman suffering from back acne, it would be almost nigh impossible for you to wear backless dress to a party without embarrassing yourself. Sun bathing at the beach would be equally embarrassing for you!

There are no doubt countless of acne treatment products as well as products to hide acne scars; hell, you can even hide them using a lot of makeup/foundation, but then, how do we get rid of those acne scars, and more importantly, why do we have such a hard time getting rid of them? It is because we spend more time chasing the acne treatment products than actually modifying ourselves and our lifestyle. The cause as well as the cure of acne, more often than not, lies within us. Identifying those causes is the very first step toward cure, so, in this article I am going to discuss what causes acne flare-ups!

Too Much Touching: Let’s face it; we touch our face all too many times in a single day, but do we bother to wash our hands before touching our face each time? No. Our hands are almost always infected with various kinds of germs so no wonder when we touch our skin with those hands without cleansing them off the germs first, the acne gets only worse! Also, studies have shown that acne suffers tend to touch their skin more often than others, presumably due to anxiety. The bottom line is, if you have a pimple you are prone to touch it more often than otherwise!

Poor Diet Choices: If your diet consists mostly of oily, greasy, fatty and sweet foods, it is no wonder that you are finding it so hard to get rid of acne. A diet like that makes your skin oilier which in turn worsens your acne situation. Instead, you should have plenty of fruits and vegetables; preferably citrus fruits since they contain an abundant supply of alpha-hydroxy acids which will help you combat acne easily! Junk foods containing artificial flavorings, colors and preservatives can make you a frequent acne sufferer, so avoid those foods as much as possible. 

It is also important that your body is not deficient in any important vitamin or mineral. If you think that your body is not getting an adequate amount of nutrition, you should consult your physician for supplement recommendations!

Stress: Stress has been found to be an indirect contributor to acne flare-ups. Like I said, if you are suffering from anxiety due to your pimples, it is only natural that you would touch that part of your skin more often than the others, which would only worsen your condition. A recent study conducted among students has resulted in the conclusion that they suffer from acne outbreaks the most during the exam days, which are of course the most stressful period in a student’s life.  This doesn’t however mean that you can use an anti-anxiety or anti-stress pill as your acne treatment product – it just won’t work! Let me repeat: a medication that minimizes stress may help you indirectly in battling acne but these medications can in no way be called ‘acne treatment products’ because they simply don’t help you get rid of acne – not directly anyway!

Hormonal changes: A lot of times, acne can be caused by hormonal changes within your body. For example, when a person enters the teen years or a teen grows into an adult, that person experiences a lot of different kinds of hormonal fluctuations which in turn can cause acne outbreak. Some women even experience acne during their menstrual cycles or pregnancy trimesters. Fortunately women can control this outbreak by the consumption of birth control pills. Please note that while the birth control pills help you regulate your hormonal changes, they also come with a number of side effects. So, before you use birth control pills as your acne treatment product it is best to have a consultation with a qualified physician!

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