4 Ways To Attract Women: What You Must Know When Dating Women For The First Time! – Part I

Many people, when asking a woman for a date, get the timing wrong. In other words, they ask her for date at a wrong time. This is the fastest way to lose women. In this article I will tell you which is the correct time to ask a woman for a date for the first time.

Let’s face the truth. When you meet a woman for the first time, chances are that you are not the only man who has found her attractive. I know it doesn’t sound too nice but the reality is that single women who are both young and sexually attractive often have a lot of men drooling over them. How can you make her your own? When you ask her for a date, don’t ask her to go out with you on a Friday or Saturday night. Because:

1. On a weekend, a single woman is likely to be very busy with her existing dates, so she may turn you down

2. The key to attract a woman is to make yourself difficult to acquire. If you ask a woman for a date on a weekend night then it means that you have no existing dates, which will make it difficult for you to get dates.

3. Since you both are new to each other, the woman is not sure whether you are really a guy whom she will find attractive. She probably has a lot of formal dates on a weekend, and if she wants to meet you, chances are that she will have to turn down her existing dates. Obviously she is not going to turn down her existing dates for you because she has no way to know what kind of a guy you are and whether she will enjoy your company or not.

On the other hand, if you ask a woman for date on a week day, she is more likely to comply because:

1. It is more likely to that in weeknights she has spare time for you. There is also no pressure on her during a week night, so chances are that you both will have an opportunity to learn more about each other.

2. It means that you have other existing dates during the weekend, which means that she will have to ‘fight’ in order to acquire you. Women love these kinds of challenges.

3. Her week night was most likely to be boring if it were not for you. In other words, you have changed a monotonous week night into a nice time for her; congratulations, now you have all her attention!

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