4 Ways To Attract Women: What You Must Know When Dating Women For The First Time! – Part II

Dating is a science. If you are a student of physics or chemistry, you sure have taken practical classes. Do you know why do you need to take a practical class? Why not just read the books? Because there are certain things in which you will achieve success by DOING and NOT by merely reading! The same principle applies when you go out to date a woman for the first time. You may have read scores of self-help books and how-to guides on attracting and dating women successfully, but all this knowledge means nothing to you unless you stand up and take action. Go out of your home. Chances are that you will find a woman standing at a bus-stop, or shopping at a departmental store, or traveling by train or bus. If there is something in the woman that appeals to you, approach her without any hesitation and start a tête-à-tête with her.

You must be sensitive and sympathetic to the woman’s needs and requirements. Insensitive people are a big turn-off for women. Try to put yourself in her shoes and be sympathetic to her thoughts and opinions. Try to find out what is it that she is seeking in men desperately. Does she seek boldness? Or is it companionship that she craves for? Or does she need sympathy? Or is she seeking a life partner with whom she can get married and settle down? Find out her unfulfilled needs, and try to fulfill them.

Be a good listener. Women prefer good listeners over ‘handsome’ men. A good listener is active, not passive. You should give your woman your fullest attention – physical, mental and emotional. Make her feel that you find her attractive and are genuinely interested in her. Whenever possible, throw in your comments and questions in order to keep the conversation going. Express appreciation and interest for her opinions and thoughts and don’t hesitate to express your thoughts to her as well.

Get over the past! Your past may be unattractive, unfulfilling and dissatisfying for you, but past means nothing to present. Discard your past life; leave it behind you, look up to the present instead. Life is here for you to enjoy; seek a life partner and build a new life! Dreaming too much about the future is also as bad as tying yourself to your past. When meeting and talking to women, don’t turn a blind eye to her failings and shortcomings. Understand that all human beings have shortfalls and beautiful qualities at the same time. Nobody is perfect. Your aim is to explore her good qualities but also keep an open eye on her shortcomings as well. You will soon see that you have changed both internally and externally, in such a way that most single women will find you attractive and appealing!

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