7 Simple Steps to Keep Angela’s Backlinks Alive

From reading Angela’s Backlink WSO often I got the impression that the primary problem of her customers is the struggle to "keep the backlinks intact". That is, their primary struggle is for the "stability of the backlinks". So I thought that I should tell you about a few things I do to keep the links stable. Note that I am no guru and in spite of doing all the following things I am going to mention here, some of my links still get deleted (this may happen to you as well). But on an average I manage to get more "stable backlinks" out of each month’s packets than I used to when "going by the book". ;)

NOTE: In the past I have also written a long boring article on the same topic. Read it here only if you wish to get bored further! ;)

a) The very first thing I do is of course to create the profile on each of the 30 sites (okay, by the time I start some of the site owners have already pulled up their socks, but that is inevitable). Hint: I use Roboform to create profiles and on an average it takes about 1-3 minutes to create a profile (depending on the type of site as well as my energy levels :D ).

When first creating the profile, I don’t put links anywhere in my profile except where explicitly permitted by the site. Like, if a website offers a box called "Your Website" then I would put my link there only and nowhere else!

b)  My purpose for creating the profile is to get my public profile URL. Fortunately Angela tells you how to get it so I am not expanding upon this! ;)

c) Once you manage to GRAB your public profile URL however, there is a bit of work involved for you! :) The very first thing you need to see is whether the webmaster has deliberately blocked the profile pages from getting indexed by search engines (webmasters, at least most of them, take such a step only when they are unable to cope with "seo spam",  so that those who build links during the first week of the month may not be able to see this; late comers would be more fortunate).

Generally, one easy tactic webmasters apply is the robots.txt file. Any page/folder that you disallow from the robots.txt file would be blocked to search engines; in effect, search engines won’t index that specific page/web folder and thus any content/links contained therein won’t get indexed either!

Thus, if your profile URL goes like:


And the webmaster has disallowed these web folders by adding the command:

Disallow: /profiles/


Disallow: /user/

in their site’s robots.txt file, they won’t be indexed by search engines. which in turn means that your entire work of creating a profile on this site for the purpose of putting backlinks therein would go to waste.

Unfortunately, if you don’t already know the pattern of your profile URL you need to create the profile first before you go into such depth. The good thing is that the moment you discover such stuff then you would simply put the site URL in a blacklist called "BAD LINKS".

NOTE: This blacklist comes handy when I search for "exclusive" backlinks; I double-check each new backlink with that backlist to make sure it is not a "BAD LINK" and then proceed. Similarly, I also have a list called "GOOD LINKS" where I keep a list of sites where I get good results from (you know what I mean). ;) In future when I have to build links for a new site, which list do you think would come to my aid? Of course, the "GOOD LINKS" list!

Anyway, I digress from the main point. If you read my old article on SEO meta tags you would know how the robots.txt file works. Assuming that you have the Search Status plugin installed, all you need to do is to keep the respective site in focus (that is, DO NOT browse away from it) and right click on the add-on to display the site’s robots.txt file!

Just for demonstration purposes only, let us assume that the site you have created the public profile on is Now let me show you how you can see the robots.txt file of without moving away from that page:

1. Keep the site in focus:

2. Right-click on the "(q)" icon of the Search status toolbar to select the "Show robots.txt" option:

3. Here you go: the entire robots.txt file of the site before your eyes:


See how easy it is! As easy as 1-2-3 :D

But we are not done yet! ;)

d) Let us say that you are really lucky to find out that the profile pages are not blocked by robots.txt file. That is good. But I would go a step further to see if Google really indexes the profile pages from this site or not. Based on our previous example, let us say that your public profile URL is:

So, I would just put in in the Google search box and see if Google has indexed other users’ profile pages from that site in the past. If it has, then chances are that it would index your profile too. If you don’t find any such pages indexed by Google then the chances of your profile page getting indexed by Google is also slim. That is what my experience and common sense tells me! ;)

e) Okay, let us say that Google has really indexed many profile pages from this site in the past, so we are really very lucky! :D

Guess it is time to spam your profile page, right? NOPE!

f) You can add a clean bio to your profile if you like, you can also contribute to the site if you like, but please AVOID all temptations of putting links in your profiles/signatures at this point.

Special Note: If you want to test out whether the site accepts links in the places Angela recommends, you can put a few test links there and when you are satisfied with the final result, then delete the links. Needless to say, any site that no longer accepts links in those places goes straight to the "BAD LINKS" list! :D

Then forget about the profile you created for that site, for a week or more. Be sure to store your usernames/password for that site in Roboform so you can access that site later on without issues. You should also put your 30 public profile URLs (as you get them from the backlink sites) in a text file. It would come handy in future! :)


g) When you revisit all the public profiles you created in the past week, chances are that some would be removed despite the fact that you have not spammed the profiles (some webmasters just get mad at every new profile created and do such things) but that is okay. Just put the URLs of these "bad sites" in the blacklist you created earlier! :D

However most of your profile pages would stay intact because you have not "spammed" it (btw different webmasters define "spam" in different ways so it is a very subjective issue). Also your profile page has got down from the front page of the site and replaced over by new profile pages. With your profile page being out of general view, you can now log in to the site and put in URLs in the additional places Angela recommends in her packets, such as the "Bio" box, "About" box, etc.

If you do it like this there is very little chance of your profile being "pulled down" by the site owners. As I mentioned earlier, you would encounter "bad sites" in each and every backlink packet – it is just inevitable. However the majority of your hard work would stay on.
Even after reading this article, I am sure 80% of the readers would still go by the "book" but that is ok. Those who work hard would reap the benefits. While an ordinary person would go by the book, "spam" the sites happily and then sit back and watch all the profile links getting deleted one by one, the smart person will achieve better results and be able to make the links stable by virtue of patience and by going the extra mile! ;)

This article applies to Angela’s backlinks only (and maybe also to Paul’s backlinks). If you wanna find your own backlinks for free then read article#1, 2 and 3 instead (and get bored too, hehe :D )

I would also like to add that this article won’t help you IF:

a) A public profile suddenly becomes a "private" profile (that is, if the access to your profile page is restricted to registered members only)

b) IF the links in a profile page becomes nofollow (for those who care about it). ;)

c) If a site stops accepting new registrations

d) If a site starts approving registrations manually. I did find a few such sites. From what I experienced they would usually search for the "name" and "username" you have used to register at that site, and based on your past "history" (as they get it their favorite search engine) they would approve/disapprove your account.

For example, if your username leads them to a history of "profile spamming" then your account may get rejected on the ground that you are a "known spammer". In fact I have been banned by a few sites (even though I did not put any links in profile there yet) simply because of the above reason; so don’t laugh!

The trick to get around this issue is to change at least the first name(s) and username(s) you use to register at the backlink sites on a regular basis (change them with each new backlink packet or more often if possible); you can use fake names if you wish (I do it all the time).

Additionally, you should also keep a list of "valid email addresses"  handy, so that if one address gets rejected because of being on the website’s "blacklist" (this can happen even if you are registering at the site for the first time, so don’t get shocked at this) you can use another one! :)

By doing it this way, your "past history" would be quite negligible and the chances of your account getting approved would be much higher!

Good luck! Let me know how it goes for you. I won’t ask you to post nice comments below right away (I would certainly appreciate it if you do). Use my method, get benefits and then post your success story below. I would certainly be very happy to hear your success story! :D Don’t worry -commenting would be kept open for 35 days (that is, 5 weeks) from the date of posting this article! Happy backlink building. :D

Oh and if there is any confusion in this article, let me know right away, please! :)

Disclosure: is affiliated to Angela’s backlinks and Paul’s backlinks


  1. Renee

    Hi Arindam,

    I just started using Angela’s backlinks and am very impressed with the service. This article explains how to follow up on the backlinks someone puts on a site and is very easy to follow to make sure you’re not wasting your time. I’ll use these steps and ideas and let you know in a week or so how it goes! Again, thank you for demystifying this whole process.

  2. Annette

    Your articles are just amazing!
    Thank you.

  3. joan

    These tips are really good i’m sure it will help me keep some of my links intact. Tnx

  4. Steve

    Excellent Arindam, still got halve of Angela’s @ Paul’s packets to go so will follow what you said an see how that goes. Thanks

  5. greg cryns


    I must confess that I am a skeptic.

    Sure, I know that Matt Cutts says that backlinks are important. Or does he?

    I would love to see a verified results for Angela’s backlinks program. I was a member and then dropped out because, well, I just wasn’t sure it was worth all the effort.

    Any proof about the power of Angela’s backlinks?

    1. Arindam


      Matt Cutts or no Matt Cutts, I know that without backlinks there is no traffic (unless you are talking of ppc, affiliates or Jvs, but personally I find them harder than seo).

      Yes one of my friends also no longer uses Angela’s backlinks, the problem being “stability”. ;) Angela’s backlinks are good when you launch a site but after that you must follow up with your own backlinks. :) Like this blog and my site were initially fed with Angela’s backlinks. Eventually I and my backlink builder learnt how to find our own “exclusive” links. :)

      To be honest even my backlink builder refuses to do Angela’s backlinks (personally I have refused a couple of customers who wanted me to build Angela’s backlinks for them), so I have kept them just for myself, lol. :)

      So, in short, use Angela’s backlinks if you like (follow the approach in the above article), but also complement them by finding backlinks from other sources (see my ultimate secrets articles, for example)

  6. Rachel

    Thanks for the great tips! Your stuff is not boring at all! You are a great help in making sure I build my backlinks the right way.

  7. Flight Simulator Enthusiast


    Thanks for the thoughtful article. I have been using Angela’s links for several months now. I have seen some benefits in traffic and have seen some backlinks recognized by the search engines. I have to admit that it is not 100%. I have tried to follow her instructions and not spammed the sites.

    I have found it beneficial and worth the cost and the effort. I have seen some of the keywords I have been trying to get rising in the searches. All in all I have been pleased. However, it is not 100% effective and it really does take time to help your sites improve.

    One little thing I have done is something you mentioned in your article. You can register separately in these sites with separate emails and separate user names for each site you wish to promote. This approach might take a little longer and require good record keeping. However, it is much better than just spamming a site and listing dozens of different domains under one user name.

    Thanks again for the great article and for giving me some insights into how to tell if the links are still good.


    Flight Simulator Enthusiast

  8. Forest

    Hey Arindam, excellent advice. When making links for my important sites I already follow many of the ideas you have laid out although not as well… I will be referring back to this article for sure.

  9. Arindam

    You are welcome, Forest :)

    To everyone:

    An important thing I forgot to mention is that some sites don’t accept free email addys (such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo) for registration (again, to combat spam). So be prepared for that as well :D

    If you don’t have your own website, you might want to try out something like as a fix for this. ;)

  10. Sunil

    Thank you very much for the excellent tips! I came across your blog while searching for increasing traffic to my blog, really informative.

  11. jaisimha


    simple logic that you have mentioned like checking the robots.txt file and the indexing of the url which I know but have not struck my mind. Thanks for sharing this info.

    I will immediately start doing those.