A Traditional Christmas Music You May Not Be Aware Of!

If you have lived in the pre-television era, when the only entertainment of life was music, you would understand what I am saying here. When there was no idiot-box to waste our time, we would play our giant piano every Christmas. In fact, almost everyone in my family, except my youngest son, was addicted to it. O the good old days! But there were some challenges that I had to face along the way. If you are interested in Christmas music, particularly sheet music, I am sure this article would be useful to you!

One of my biggest challenges was to come up with entertaining pieces of sheet music, since I didn’t particularly like the out of the box arrangements of my piano. So I had no option but to start learning how to create my own piano arrangements, and in those days, when I was still pretty new to piano, it was quite a challenge for me. My mom would get angry at me because I wouldn’t play the Christmas music the way it is supposed to; I would always make some tweaks here and there!

Mom knew that I had the talent to play piano in front of others. Much as she would prod me to play live, I would refuse it, simply because in those days I was very uncomfortable to play the piano in front of others. Mom had confidence in me, but the funny thing was that I wasn’t so confident of myself. I thought people would misjudge and criticize me for my unusual tastes, and I didn’t have a skin thick enough to take those criticisms in stride! It took me a long time before I could comfortably play in concerts!

What I didn’t know at that time was that I played the piano much better than many of my peers. Thankfully those days are now over. Playing my first concert was tough, but my mentor advised me to put my ego in the pocket and focus on entertaining people! He told me that I was playing the piano not for showing off my talent but rather to entertain my audience; if I could entertain my audience successfully, then I should feel happy!

These days you can easily purchase MP3s of Christmas music, that too for cheap. Plus of course we have that idiot-box in our drawing rooms to entertain ourselves! I don’t particularly like television, so I buy MP3s instead.

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