Acid Reflux – Top 3 Signs and Symptoms

There are many reasons why a person can suffer from acid reflux, but how would you know if you are really suffering from acid reflux or not? Well, there are certain bad habits that are well connected to acid reflux so that they are often deemed to be the symptoms of the problem. In this article I will discuss three such bad habits.

Burping and Acid reflux: If you burp often, especially after having a meal, and with every burp, your mouth gets more and more bitter, then you may be suffering from acid reflux. Burping is often the very basic symptom of acid reflux.

Not all burps, however, are signs of acid reflux. Let me explain: for instance, if you swallow a lot of air a burp may follow soon afterwards to expel that excess air from your stomach; this is called non-acidic reflux. On the other hand, if your burp is preceded by heartburn and a burning sensation in your throat and followed by a bitter taste in the mouth then indeed your burping is closely related to acid reflux,. As a matter of fact, acid reflux also makes a person fart too often, and more often than not, the fart is extremely unpleasant and strong in odor.

Snoring and Acid reflux: If you have a snoring problem yet you tell me that you don’t suffer from acid reflux, then I would be really surprised. As a matter of fact, snoring is one of the many sub-problems caused by acid reflux; maybe you just don’t realize it, but there is actually quite a strong connection between the two. If you have both of these problems then your life is really in a sorry state, no doubt. I am sure you don’t get peaceful sleep at night. While acid reflux negatively affects a person’s entire day, snoring prevents him from sleeping peacefully whereupon he gets afflicted with moodiness, crankiness, weariness, pain and general discomfort.

Bad Breath and Acid reflux: Your bad breath might be related to acid reflux. It might sound crazy but do you know that part of the odor that is the reason behind making your breath foul is the stomach acid that travels upwards through your esophagus into your mouth? Now, we all know that there are certain foods that can be the cause of bad breath; by extension, these foods are also the cause of acid reflux, so you get the idea of who is the real culprit here! Such foods can be spicy foods, junk foods, fatty foods, salty foods, fried foods, etc. The harmful chemicals contained in these foods gets passed through your bloodstream into your lungs, which is then pushed outwards through the esophagus, to be passed into the mouth and expelled out, thereby causing bad breath!

Acid reflux is more harmful than you think. If you suffer from indigestion and acid reflux problems regularly, it is only a matter of time before it affects your esophagus so bad that even your larynx (voice box) and vocal chords can be badly damaged, not to mention that it can cause pain your ears too. After all, the acid produced by your stomach and expelled from your esophagus is the same hydrochloric acid that is contained in the batteries that drive cars!

As you can see, acid reflux is simply no laughing matter. If you need more information on how to cure acid reflux, [adrotate banner=”6″]