Affiliate Programs That Pay INSTANT 100% Commissions via Paypal

Sometime ago I friend asked me how to find affiliate programs that pay 100% commissions instantly via Paypal. I searched for it in Google and stumbled across this Warrior Forum post!

Basically, all you need to do is search for this phrase in Google:

"Direct to Your Paypal Account – Over and Over again!"

I hope it helps! ;)

I have another idea; I haven’t tried it myself, but you may also try using the above search phrase without the quotes. That way, you may find  a few more merchants offering 100% affiliate commissions (although the chance of getting "false positives" is much higher in this case)

Now let's play some guessing game! :D

Guess from where does the phrase "Direct to Your Paypal Account – Over and Over again!" come from? The affiliate signup template of the Rapid Action profits script! You would notice that most of the websites offering 100% commissions are RAP-driven. Guess why?

This is not surprising, considering that RAP is one of the easiest, hassle-free and robust systems for running 100% affiliate programs I have ever seen! While it is not the only script offering a "100% Affiliate commission" module, it is one script which has given me the least number of troubles.

The affiliate signup page is as simple as it could be, and bugs are taken care of even before you are aware of them! If you are not a RAP user, you can find more about it here!

RAP doesn't offer you all the bells and whistles found in a perfect ecommerce system (btw, I think the word "perfect" is a misnomer in this case, but that is the subject of another day). Thus, it doesn't offer you:

a) A shopping cart

b) An alternative payment processing option (other than Paypal)

c) A membership system, unless you buy the membership add-on for RAP. You can either buy it separately from here or buy both RAP and the membership add-on at one price (on the salespage, you would notice an option to buy them both).

Myself, I am yet to buy it – not for any other reason except that I am a bit short on cash! :P  

In any case, RAP is good for what it does!

As the recession hits every one, guru and non-guru, king and pauper, I hear more and more horrible stories about merchants not paying their affiliates in a timely manner, or worse, not paying at all! So, if you're someone who hates Clickbank, then the RAP-driven affiliate programs are your best bet IMO!

BTW, don’t miss out on the next Nuttiezine issue for anything. It would contain … yet another SEO tip, plus something extra (to give you an idea, I would tell you about a "dofollow clone" of Yahoo answers) ;-)

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  1. workonlinejobs

    Thanks for the info, but how in the world is a persons going to shift through over 500 (298,000) offers? I better get started…

  2. Clare Swindlehurst

    Fantastic post! I just spent an hour signing up for affiliate programs – no I just need to get some messages out to my list and on my site and wait to earn some cash ;)

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