All External Links Changed from Nofollow to Dofollow!

I know this is not going to shatter the earth, but I need to make this announcement for the regular readers who may find it strange that the external links have suddenly changed from nofollow to dofollow!

Following this article’s advice that "not following" links may actually have an opposite effect on a website’s pagerank, I am changing all external links from "nofollow" to "dofollow". Fortunately it was easy to do for me since I was using a plugin to add the "nofollow" link attribute! :)

This is of course just a test. This blog originally had all external links (except the commenters’ links) set to dofollow, then those links were changed to nofollow, and today again they are back to their original form. I am also going to set some of my blog’s "internal links" to dofollow and see what happens! :)

This change does not affect the external links in comments though! Commenters, as usual, will get a dofollow link only after posting 3 nice comments on my blog! While I am not that bad a guy, I have found that this is the only surefire way to discourage spammers from spoiling my blog and encourage healthy discussion!  ;)


  1. AndyW

    Welcome to the dofollow club :)

  2. Arindam

    Dofollow club? Did not even know it existed! ;)

  3. Alex Jenkins

    Just started working with Angela and Paul’s backlink program. Through them I have found your blog. There is some great stuff here – glad you are focusing on the make money niche.

    I will be interested to hear how the test of the “dofollow” links turns out.

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    Actually do-follow is very useful to the site specially if you targeting Google search engine.

  5. Thom Lancaster

    I think that’s a very sensible change to make. When it’s a link that you’ve chosen to have on your site, there aren’t that many good reasons why they should be no-follow. It’s different when it’s a link that someone has tried to position there themselves (such as links that form part of blog comments).

  6. Professor

    Most of my blogs are also DO-FOLLOW. I’m curious as to what blogging platform you use that needs a plugin to add the “nofollow” attribute. My blogs use a similar but opposite plugin called “nofollow-free”.

  7. Arindam


    I am using WordPress. You can use this plugin to add nofollow to external links, or make them dofollow. Very flexible:

    If you mean the nofollow in comments, I use Lucy’s Linkylove:

  8. Camella Homes

    Do follow links rocks! LOL

  9. Perception Juned

    So, dofollow increases comments for posts!

  10. Banks

    Great source of info, I’d love to hear more details for Matt and the Google monster.