Alleviate Diabetes- How To Take Control Of Diabetes: Part II

When your blood sugar level rises above normal and your body becomes insulin-resistant, the condition is known as hyperglycemia or high blood sugar. While a simple blood sugar test will reveal whether or not your blood sugar level is high, you can also know about it by its obvious symptoms. Like any other diseases, Hyperglycemia is treatable. Here are some of the things you can do to treat Hyperglycemia:

1. Eat plenty of water. Avoid foods which are rich in sugar. If you do want to have some fruits, choose the ones which are sugar-free or have low percentage of carbohydrates in them.

2. Do not skip insulin injections under any circumstances. Take insulin doses as prescribed by your doctor. Skipping insulin injections will cause your blood sugar levels to rise. If you see that even after taking the prescribed dose of insulin, your blood sugar level is almost the same, then you should consult it with your doctor. Maybe you need some more insulin doses, or maybe the dose needs to be adjusted.

3. If your blood sugar levels continue to rise even after taking the above steps, then you should test your urine for ketones. Ketones are a type of acid formed in your kidney when your body burns some of its own fat. Submit the urine test report to your doctor immediately!

4. If after taking the above mentioned steps, your blood sugar level has been normalized, congratulations! Well, it is not yet the time to congratulate yourself. From this point of time, you should be discipline yourself so that high blood sugar never affects you again!

Here are the four Do’s that are a must for you:

A) Do regular exercises

B) Eat food and beverages which are sugar-free or contain a low amount of carbohydrates. Your diet should consist mostly of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. In fact, you should consult your dietician when planning your meals

C) Test your blood sugar level regularly and if you see spot any abnormalcy in the blood test report then report it to your physician immediately!

D) Continue to take the medicines prescribed by your physician

If you are the type of person who already lives a healthy lifestyle, then it shouldn’t be that hard to discipline yourself. However, if you’re not that type of person, it is time for you to change your lifestyle and food habits and follow the four instructions above.

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