Are you Lonely and Stressed Out?

While internet marketing offers several advantages over your regular day job, it has one major disadvantage, and that is the feeling of stress and loneliness.

I mean, when you are working at office, you can indulge in gossips with your colleagues (for example, who is Cameron Diaz's latest beau :) ), date your boss ;) , etc. If anything, these are pretty good stress busters!

However, there is no such scope with online business. Sure, you can chat with people, but how much time do you get off each day for chatting? You are always so 'busy'! You are so immersed in your business that you forget about taking time off for yourself! 

You have great difficulty finding quality time to spend with your family, spouse or date. And your only excuse is: "Hey, where have I got time, man? You know, I am always so busy with this or that project. I hardly have time to comb my hair properly!" :D

All these add to your stress level!

Has it every happened to you that once in a while you feel depressed and frustrated for no reason at all and wonder what are you doing sitting in front of your computer? Blame it on loneliness and stress! :D

You will have more reasons to feel stressed and frustrated if you have an unsupportive family like mine!

So what do you do to beat this stress and loneliness?

I can of course tell you what I do. :D

1. Taking it easy: Time was when I used to work everyday from dawn to dusk (metaphorically, of course) in the name of 'business'. Eventually I realized that this is really not the best approach.

I realized that if tomorrow I am gone, the earth won’t stop revolving, neither would the whole internet marketing business come to a standstill.

So why not take it easy? I make every effort to take a voluntary 'leave' on Sunday.

Since internet marketing is very addictive for me,  I switch off my PC so that there is no temptation to get back to work. Occasionally I do switch on my PC late at night (mostly out of curiosity), but that is very rare!

2. Weekly outings: Another thing I do is to go out once every week for shopping (and eating some delicious junk foods too – you may call it 'emotional eating' if you want, lol). This exercise surely helps me beat back at stress and loneliness with a BIG punch! :D

3. Chatting with friends: When I feel stressed out and lonely, I chat with friends. I have only a few friends, by the way.

I also keep in touch with my friends through email, etc. I can't possibly keep in touch with everyone, but I do make sure to stay in touch with my close pals, even it is just a short 'Hi' or 'Hello'.

4. Sleeping it off: Believe it or not, sleep is really a good stress buster. When I feel stressed out and tired, I take a nap for a few hours. When I wake up, I feel refreshed and energetic.

Just the other day I was feeling like I won't be able to write 10 articles within 3 hours, but after I slept for a couple of hours, I was really able to finish off the task!

5. Lurking in forums: My favorite forum happens to be the Warrior Forum and the Earn1KaDay forum. Of these, WF is where I spend most of my time. I don’t always feel like posting there, but I lurk around and it not only helps increase my knowledge bank, but also beat off stress!

6. Watching Youtube videos: This has got to be at the top of my list of stress busters! is probably my most visited site, besides Google. I would visit it everyday just to watch funny videos, melodious songs, etc. Some videos are so funny that I keep laughing for hours, lol!

7. Staying away from blatant and shameless marketing pitches: Those emails add to my stress level the most, so I try to stay away from them! ;)

What do you do to beat stress and get rid of loneliness? You may share with me if you want. :)


  1. Joe@Discount Codes

    Good tips, I sure do get lonely and stressed out working from home as apposed to working in an office!

    Joe’s last blog post..Extreme Element – 10% off sale

  2. steve@Credit Card Debt Settlement

    Stress gets me everyday but my escape and perfect stress reliever is my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training. It lets me get any anger and pent up daily stress out and I feel great, then I get home to my IM =)

    Which we all know can be stressful