Are Christmas Cards Outdated?

With new and novel ways to celebrating Christmas coming up every year, Christmas greetings cards have almost taken a backseat. I am pretty surprised that compared to even six to seven years ago, not many people use Christmas cards these days; instead, more and more people find it convenient to send an e-card. Does that mean that Christmas cards are ‘out’ and e-cards are ‘in’? In this article I will discuss that!

As a matter of fact, it is not just the convenience, but also the price which attracts people to ecards. While paper cards cost a few cents to some dollars, ecards are usually absolutely free! Now, with the recession hitting us badly, who wouldn’t want to swap paper cards for ecards if that saves them a little cash in the bargain? However, there is a big difference between sending a Christmas ecard and a paper card.

Paper cards are much more effective than ecards. Think about it: when you would be receiving innumerable number of Christmas ecards to your inbox, do you really think you would be able to check each and every one of them? Of course not! I myself delete many such ecards!

But that is not the case with paper cards. I check each and every paper card I receive, no matter how busy I am! I don’t know what is the reason behind it, but from my experience I have found that paper cards tend to have a longer shelf life than ecards. If you send a paper card to someone, you would have a special place in his or her heart!

Unlike ecards, which are only good for a short while, may people store paper Christmas cards long after Christmas is over! These cards keep reminding them of you and how much you care about them! A paper card is the ideal way to keep in touch with your distant friends and relatives, to renew the old ties, and to remind them that you haven’t forgotten about them in spite of not staying in touch!

In fact, there is an aura and special warmth about the Christmas greetings cards which is not available from free ecards. Now there are several ways to send out paper cards.

For one, you can buy readymade cards from your local store. It is a good option is you don’t have enough time to create the cards yourself. Or you can buy blank greetings cards and personalize them with your own pictures or family photos, your signature, handwritten notes, as well as other artistic embellishments.

In my opinion though, there is really no need to waste time in creating cards yourself because you can find several varieties of Christmas cards online, and for cheap as well!

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