Bad Breath – Is It Possible To Cure It At All?

Bad breath, of halitosis, is really a terrible condition to suffer from. If you have it already, then you know what I mean. It not only negatively impacts one’s self-esteem but also his social circle. Who would want to be around a person with a smelly breath? Generally, bad breath is temporary but sometimes it becomes a permanent condition due to certain factors. In this article I will talk about how to get rid of the foul stench of bad breath before it gets any worse.

Generally, the source of bad breath bacteria is our mouth. Bacteria love to grow on an environment which is both warm and dry. The causes behind bad breath are many, but mostly it comes down to oral hygiene and diet. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, suffer from periodontal diseases, or eat foods containing a high amount of garlic and onion then it is only natural that you have bad breath! Along with that, not drinking enough water also makes our mouth an ideal place for halitosis bacteria to thrive in (remember, the halitosis bacteria love dry places).

So how would you know if you have bad breath or not? Unfortunately, your nose is not going to help you with this because it takes very little time for your nasal cells to get used to the foul odor of the mouth. But if you notice that people are moving their faces away from you in disgust when talking to you, or covering their noises with kerchiefs, then it means that you may have a problem. Other symptoms of halitosis are: a sour taste in your mouth, post nasal drip condition, dry mouth, white coating on the backside of your tongue, thickness of the saliva, as well as a burning sensation in your tongue.

Now, I will talk about two ways to get rid of your foul breath fast:

a) Drink plenty of water: Obvious, is not it? I already told you how the foul breath in your mouth can be caused by a dry mouth condition. Besides keeping your mouth wet, water also helps to wash away all the food particles residing in your mouth. When the bad breath bacteria have nothing to feed on, they automatically leave your mouth.

b) Visit a dentist: Whether or not your halitosis problem is triggered by other dental issues, you should visit a dentist to take care of the problem before it gets any worse. Keep in mind that it is not just about social issues; bad breath can be an indicator of an even worse disease you are suffering from, and only a visit to a qualified physician would help take care of that. Did you know that different types of bad breath smells are indicators of different diseases? For instance, how would you know whether you are suffering from diabetes or kidney problems? Simple. If your breath has the smell of human urine then it means you have kidney issues; on the other hand, if your breath smells like that of a rotten fruit then perhaps you could be suffering from diabetes! Similarly, if your bad breath is accompanied by a sore throat, post nasal drip, as well as discolored mucus then it maybe an indicator of more serious issues your body is suffering from other than halitosis. For more information, [adrotate banner=”5″].