Best Diet For Preventing Diabetes-How To Prevent Diabetes From Happening-Part II

While there is really no best diet for preventing diabetes, the following tips will help you avert diabetes early. In order to avert diabetes, you need to follow just three things:

1. Regular exercise: If you are living a sedentary lifestyle or don’t do exercises regularly you should seriously think about spending at least thirty minutes per day in physical workouts. Physical activity works against type2 diabetes from its root. Here is how: Insulin is a hormone present in our pancreas that controls the levels of sugar in our blood. If you don’t do exercises, over a long period of time your muscles become insensitive to insulin. If you exercise regularly and stay fit, your muscles will become more responsive to insulin and thus you will be able to keep diabetes at bay.

2. Eat healthy: Apart from doing regular exercises, you should also eat a healthy diet. You should discard the average American diet that is tailor-made to promote diabetes. Instead, you should follow a diet which is rich in fat and low in carbohydrates. In my opinion, a high fat and low crab diet is the best diet for preventing diabetes. In other words, you should eat foods which have saturated fats. You can also add fruits, vegetables and whole grains that have low quantities of fat in your diet plan.

3. Lose weight: Recent studies have shown that excess body fat can trigger type2 diabetes. This is the reason why obese people tend to have diabetes more often than others. Excess body fat, especially around the middle section of the body, can make your muscles unresponsive to insulin. Once again, regular exercises and a healthy diet is the key to lose weight and prevent diabetes.

4. Visit a doctor: If you have been following a healthy diet and exercising regularly but still don’t seem to lose any weight then you should seriously consider visiting a doctor. Ask him whether your diet needs to be changed or whether your body is resistant to insulin. In all cases, a simple blood sugar test can detect whether or not you have diabetes. Detecting such a condition at an early stage will give you enough time to control your lifestyle and keep diabetes at bay.

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