Can You Really Build A 30K List In 30 Days?

Before you start reading, I must tell you that I am no guru. But I have been in the field of list building since 2005-I know what it means to build a list from scratch, and I am now experienced enough to separate the wheat from the chaff. I would be brutally honest with you. If you are reading this post, chances are that you are also one who is interested in list building. My point in making this post is: today I got an email from a very top marketer (he is himself a list builder and my JV partner) that a so-called guru has revealed the secret on how to build a list of 30,000 in 30 days. Cost of the course: About $1500 I didn't buy it-because I knew very well that even if I work hard for 24 hours each day, I won't be able to build a list of 30,000 responsive subscribers in just a month. Because building a list takes time. Your lesson: If somebody claims that you can build a list of 30,000 in 30 days, don't believe it! I am not saying that the guru is lying. I am prepared to believe that he has built a list of 30,000 in 30 days. BUT… His success is only phenomenal and perhaps there are other factors behind his phenomenal success which we may never know. Because whenever he is releasing an e-book which claims to reveal his list building secrets, he is definitely telling you some truths but he is not giving you the whole picture. Why? Use your commonsense Smile If he reveals all of his secrets in his very first e-book, what will be left to reveal in his second e-book, or to say, in his third e-book? After all, this is how he makes a living: creating e-books one after another which claim to reveal his 'so-and-so' secrets and then he makes money by selling them. Got it? Ok, back to the point. Your Lesson #2: While following a guru's tactics, use your commonsense. Don't copy the guru. Learn his tactics and then use YOUR OWN brain to understand how you can tweak a tactic to suit your purpose. Remember, what might have worked for the guru may not work for you. As I said, his success is just phenomenal, and not normal. Your Lesson #3: Very Important: Your aim should be to build small, targeted, responsive lists. There is no point in building a huge list if that list is never responding to your offers. I myself have faced this situation: there was a time when I had a 10K list and I was extremely proud of it. However when a so-called marketer approached me to do a JV with him, I managed to make just two sales! I was so ashamed of myself that I didn't dare to ask the marketer for further JVs. That day the truth dawned upon me: What if I have a list of 10,000? Only a couple of hundreds of subscribers actually READ my messages Even worse, only about a hundred subscribers generally click my link, and I manage to make, at the most, 4 sales. That is the stats, and I am saying all these because I have tracked each and every campaign I sent to my list. So if your aim is just to build a list of 30K, please STOP reading now. Building huge, responsive lists, is a distant dream.Building small, responsive lists, is a reality. If you have 200 subscribers on your list, and all of them respond to your offer, even with the worst kind of sales page, you can make at least 10 sales. Now compare this with my situation when I had a 10K list and I managed to make just 2 sales! Can you see my point? Let's take a pledge today: You will build small, responsive lists. Your aim will always be to get quality subscribers who will actually READ your message. Overtime you will build a huge list but that will definitely take much longer than 30 days, regardless of which guru's principles you wish to follow.

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