Christmas Music Boxes: Do They Really Make Good Christmas Gifts?

If you want to gift something unique to your loved ones this Christmas, there is nothing better than Christmas music boxes! Just in case you are not aware of them, this article will help you! Let me tell you where and how to find the perfect music boxes for Christmas!

These boxes make perfect gifts not only for adults but even kids! Kids are particularly fascinated by the Painter of Light, but of course you can also gift it to adults. Another cool Christmas music box is the Thomas Kinkade!

Have you heard of eMusical Gifts? This company is popular for selling fantastic Christmas music boxes. You may find the “Beacon of Hope Lighthouse Music Box” particularly good; in fact it is so popular that if you don’t order it in advance you might have to face a ‘sell out’ notice!

I already told you of Thomas Kinkade; Beacon of Hope Lighthouse Music Box is in fact nothing but a ‘lite’ version of the equally famous Thomas Kinkade lighthouse music box!

How would you recognize a Thomas Kinkade lighthouse music box? Very simple! This music box comes with a 22-karat gold trim and Swarovski crystal; its crown looks like a cross and it has a height of around 6.5! It is called a lighthouse music box because it comes with a porcelain sculpture which contains a lighthouse centerpiece; this centerpiece is amazingly decorated with faux jewels! However, if you don’t want it, there are more choices for you!

Consider for example the San Francisco Music Box! If you are fond of antiques then this is a perfect collectible item for you; heck, if any of your friends is an antique-lover, I am sure this would be the best gift you could ever offer him!

If you are looking for a music box for your little son or daughter, then try out the Ballet Slippers Water Globe Music Box! While it is supposed to be used by a girl, no one said that a boy cannot use it! In fact this is the music box I gifted to my son last year and he still enjoys it! This music box is stunningly wonderful, so much so that the recipient would never get tired or bored of it!

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