The Connection Between Zinc and Bad Breath – The Absolute Truth Revealed

You may or may not have noticed it, but a lot of the mouthwashes floating around in the market contain zinc. Have you ever wondered why is zinc such an essential element in all mouthwashes? This is because a lot of researchers and experts have discovered that zinc has the ability to kill those anaerobic bacteria which are the cause behind the foul smell of halitosis. These are the same bacteria that actually make a waste dump or rotting vegetables real foul. These foul odor-producing bacteria thrive on areas where the supply of oxygen is short or nil.

By extension, those same experts have also stated that if zinc is what kills the bad breath bacteria, then it is quite possible that people who suffer from halitosis don’t get an adequate supply of zinc in their diet. When your diet is deficient in zinc, then, and then only, does the halitosis bacteria get a chance to thrive in your mouth day after day. If you feel that you need to use your mouthwash daily then maybe there is a problem with your diet. Eating the right types of foods which are rich in zinc will ensure that you are able to get rid of bad breath fast. Examples of such foods include kidney beans, dark lean meat (of chicken), lentils, red meat, seafood, nuts such as cashew nuts and almonds, etc.

Now you may ask – why do I need to eat foods rich in zinc? Am I not already using the zinc mouthwashes daily? Well, my friend, don’t you find yourself using the mouthwash regularly? It doesn’t have to be that way if your body is not deficient in zinc. Keep in mind that even if you use your mouthwash a thousand times per day it is not going to help you with the actual zinc deficiency in your body; only eating foods rich in the element would ensure that. If you really have trouble consuming these foods then I would suggest that you consume supplements which are rich in zinc. That is not as helpful as actually eating zinc-rich foods, but I would say that they are better than nothing at all!

Along with the names of foods that you should eat, you should also know the names of foods that you must not eat. Did you know that there are certain types of foods which inhibit the complete absorption of zinc into our system? Believe it or not, innocuous foods such as dairy products, fatty foods, and fiber-rich foods are those culprits. Likewise, there are also certain types of drugs which can inhibit zinc from entering and getting absorbed into our body. Also, if you have certain medical conditions then zinc might have the opposite effect on your halitosis; that is, instead of reducing your halitosis, zinc may actually be instrumental in increasing it! If you suspect any such connection between your bad breath and your zinc consumption, you should immediately consult with a qualified physician.

Remember that zinc not only offers you immunity from bad breath but also helps in quick-wound healing and growth of new cells. For more information, [adrotate banner=”5″].