Cure Bloating: 4 Tips

Bloating is really a serious problem. I am sure many a time you have got that urge to break wind when in a social gathering or among friends, yet you couldn’t do so. You have perhaps wasted a lot of money in purchasing pills that don’t work. What you may not know is that it is very easy to cure bloating. In this article I will tell you what causes bloating and what you can do to cure bloating.

People generally suffer from bloating and gas because of their unregulated food habits. Unregulated food habits make it difficult for us to digest foods. Undigested food products produce gas which in turn causes bloating. As you can see, the only way to cure bloating is to modify your lifestyle: regulate your food habits as well as exclude certain foods from your diet.

Food habits: If you want to cure bloating, you should first of all change your food habits. Do not ever consume food in haste. If food is taken in haste, the pressure on the stomach increases and production of gasses also begins to increase, resulting in stomach bloating.

Buffalo’s milk: If you consume buffalo’s milk, here is an important fact to note. Buffalo’s milk lacks an enzyme called lactose. Deficiency of lactose leads to bloating of abdomen. The action of lactose is to break the sugar present in the milk. 1 OZ (28ml) of undigested milk produces 1 gallon of gas. Bottom-line is: if you want to cure bloating, try to avoid buffalo’s milk at all costs.

Wheat: It is impossible for you to cure bloating if you consume too many wheat-products every day. A protein called ‘GLUTEN’ present wheat and bread produces burning sensation and leads to production of excess gas, resulting in bloating.

Other causes: Antibiotics, sweets as well as salt are also known to cause bloating. Consumption of antibiotics results in excessive stomach bloating because antibiotics, as a rule, destroy the good bacteria present in our digestive system that is responsible for digesting our food. Needless to say, once the good bacteria are destroyed, we can no longer digest our foods, and bloating occurs. You should also reduce the intake of sweets. For women, excessive intake of oral contraceptive pills can result in bloating.

There are many other things you need to do in order to cure bloating. For more information, [adrotate banner=”6″]