Cure Lung Cancer: 2 Different Ways To Cure Lung Cancer Fast

While there are many different treatments for lung cancer, nothing much can be done until your doctor diagnoses you with lung cancer. Once you are diagnosed with lung cancer, it is time to treat it. The doctor should discuss about the various available treatments with the patient. The patient, on his part, should inform the doctor just in case certain type of medications tend to have side effects on him. Ideally, every type of possible outcome should be discussed between the doctor and the patient so that there is no regret. For example, treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy should be prescribed to a patient only after the doctor is satisfied about the general health condition of the patient.

There are many available treatments for lung cancer, some of which are:

1. Surgery: If cancer has not spread beyond the patient’s lungs, surgery maybe used to detect and remove the cancer. Surgery involves opening of the chest wall and surgical removal of the cancerous cells.

2. Chemotherapy: If the cancer has spread beyond the lungs to other parts of the body, then surgery is not the way to cure lung cancer. In such cases, chemotherapy seems to be the best option. Chemotherapy is often used along with radiotherapy for successful removal of lung cancer.

However, the effects of radiotherapy, which uses high energy radiation to kill cancer cells, is not limited to the lungs alone. In fact, radiotherapy often negatively affects other parts of the body. For example, radiotherapy may result in hair loss, skin disorders such as itching and inflammation, etc.

Like I said before, your doctor should discuss all options with you before starting the treatment.

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