Cure Sinus Infection: Everything You Wanted To Know About Sinus Infection

Sinus infection, also known as sinusitis, refers to a condition where our sinuses get infected by bacteria or fungus. Actually, sinuses are nothing but hollow cavities present in the skull near our nose. When sinuses are infected with bacteria, they get blocked. These blockages put a lot of extra pressure on the sinus walls, which in turn causes the person much pain and discomfort. Millions of people in the world suffer from sinusitis and millions of dollars are spent on its treatment. In this article I will tell you how to cure sinus infection easily.

Actually, there can be three types of sinus infections: acute, chronic and recurring. If your sinus infection lasts for no more than three weeks then it is acute. If your sinus infection last for more than three weeks but less than eight weeks, then it is chronic. If you have recurring bouts of sinusitis, then it is called recurring sinus infection. Usually, people who suffer from recurring sinus infection have sinus attacks several times in a year. A good way to treat sinusitis is to use a combination of a decongestant for clearing the nose, antibiotics to cure sinus infection as well as painkillers to soothe the pain.

Some people have a habit of purchasing over-the-counter pills every time they suffer from sinusitis. While over-the-counter drugs maybe good for the short term, I would not recommend you to take these drugs for a long time. If your sinusitis persists for a long time then it is imperative that you consult a doctor because it is possible that you are suffering from other associated diseases such as asthma. In such cases, antibiotics and decongestants may not be of much help. Your doctor may prescribe steroids in order to cure asthma.

Apart from medicines, there are also many home remedies you can use in order to cure sinus infection. Remedies such as nasal spray, mustard seeds, jalapeno pepper, peppermint steam, cinnamon and ginger have been known to cure sinus infection fast. Do note that not all home remedies can work for everybody. Some home remedies give you only temporary relief; others can help you to cure sinus infection permanently. If you are not sure ask your local doctor about which home remedy is best for you.

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