Cure Vertigo: The Best Way To Cure Vertigo

Vertigo is more often than not a very annoying disease, but if left untreated, it may lead to other major complications. Vertigo is a condition where you feel dizzy when moving up or down. You feel as if you are falling through a high roof when actually you are just standing in some corner of a room. Note that all types of dizziness needn’t necessarily be vertigo, though the opposite is always true: that is, all cases of vertigo consist of dizziness. In this article, I will tell you how to cure vertigo fast.

How do you know if you have vertigo? It is very simple. Do you feel dizzy and visualize hallucinatory images when moving up or down or turning in bed? Vertigo sufferers not only feel dizzy, they also suffer from hallucinations. They feel like they are moving in circles and so are the objects that surround them. Sometimes you get a feeling as if you are falling from a space. Good news is that vertigo doesn’t last long: usually no more than thirty to sixty seconds. And the symptoms may last for no more than a few months. However, when it does appear, it becomes very difficult to take control of your body.

Vertigo is caused because of ear infection. A typical ear infection called
Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo (BPPV) is what causes vertigo. Some believe that a respiratory tract infection is what causes vertigo. However, if anytime in life you have been hit by a severe blow to your head, you may suffer from vertigo. The best way to get rid of vertigo is to avoid extreme positions that cause it. Vertigo can also be caused by labyrinths.

As for treatment, there is no scientifically proven method of curing vertigo. Doctors advise medication based on the condition of the patient. The doctor should evaluate your health completely before prescribing medicines for you. It is possible that certain medicines you are taking are responsible for your vertigo and simply stopping the intake of those medicines may help cure vertigo. From time to time, doctors also prescribe physical therapies for patients. One such example of physical therapy used to cure vertigo is vestibular rehabilitation therapy. The job of this therapy is to restore the vestibular system. Once the vestibular system is restored, you get rid of all the dizziness and hallucination. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy is done by performing certain exercises which helps the brain adapt to the new changes in the ear and compensate the cause of vertigo. Home remedies can also be used to cure vertigo. If you are not sure, ask your doctors what kind of home remedies you can use to cure vertigo.

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