Cure Vomiting: 4 Easy Home Remedies To Cure Vomiting

Vomiting is not only an annoying problem; too much of it can make you weak and you may suffer from dehydration and other harmful diseases. However, you don’t need to worry as I will tell you about some quick home remedies that will help you cure vomiting fast.

1. Many people don’t know that ginger is very effective in curing vomiting. Just take one cup of ginger tea every day and see how you get rid of vomiting.

2. Another home remedy is to mix the powder of two roasted cardamoms with honey and eat it.

3. There are some juices which you can take if you are having excessive vomiting. Lime juice, ginger juice, onion juice and mint juice are known to cure vomiting fast.

4. If you want to cure vomiting, you need to modify your diet as well. First of all, for the first twelve hours after vomiting, you should avoid citrus fruits as far as possible. Instead drink liquids such as apple juice, carbonated juices and water. These liquids are easy to digest.

For the next twelve hours, you can eat soft foods. Do not eat foods that take a long time to digest. Soft foods such as banana, peeled apple, boiled potatoes, boiled rice and soup without cream are very easy to digest and will prevent any vomiting tendencies.

A day after vomiting, you can start eating foods such as cottage cheese, lean meat, etc. If you want to drink milk, drink non-fat milk. DO NOT start taking your normal foods at this stage. You can of course start having your normal diet after a few days if you think you are not having vomiting tendencies anymore.

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