Cure Yeast Infections: Best Home Remedy To Cure Yeast Infection Fast

Here is one good remedy that I am sure will help you cure yeast infections fast.

Ok, to follow this method, you will need yogurt and tampons. First, visit your local store and buy a plain yogurt. Make sure that it is plain: meaning that it has no fruits or added flavors to it. Make sure it doesn’t contain sugar. Of course, you should not count ‘milk sugar’ as sugar. You don’t need to see whether the yogurt is branded or not, whether the yogurt contains fat or not, etc. because you are not going to eat it in the first place.

Also, get yourself a box of some tampons.

Now, take one of the tampons, dip it in the yogurt, and insert it in your vagina. Keep it in that condition for a couple of hours. The aim here is to get the “good bacteria” present in yogurt in a place where it is needed most. Once you get enough of ‘good bacteria” into the affected region, it will fight out the ‘bad bacteria’ a.k.a. the yeast. Continue this treatment twice a day for about two or three days, or until you feel better.

Make sure you keep the container of ‘medical yogurt’ separate from the yogurt that you eat, so that you don’t get all of them mixed up. You can also use homemade yogurt for this treatment.

Note that I am not saying that this treatment will work for you. I am posting this tip here only because some of my friends have been benefited by it. If you need professional advice regarding how to cure yeast infections,[adrotate banner=”52″]