Diabetes And Weight Loss: What Has Obesity Got To Do With Diabetes?

Do you know that diabetes and weight loss are inter-related? Studies show that obese people are more prone to diabetes than others. Obviously, the only way to cure diabetes is to lose weight. Both diabetes and obesity are caused due to poor diet as well as physical inactivity. People who eat junk foods and live a sedentary lifestyle, such as sitting at the office desk for long hours, are more likely to suffer from diabetes than others. In this article I will tell how to cure diabetes and weight loss at one go!

Why does diabetes occur at all: Diabetes occurs when insulin fails to control the level of glucose present in blood. Usually, the role of insulin is to control the level of glucose in blood by distributing it in different parts of the body, such as brain, or by using it to produce energy. When however, the amount of insulin produced by our pancreas falls short of the amount of glucose present in blood or when the insulin produced by the body cannot properly control the blood sugar level, then diabetes occurs.

Mostly, diabetes occurs when our pancreas fails to produce insulin. Do you know why it happens? See, when you buy a brand new car, you are able to enjoy long distance journeys. When however, your car gets old, it stops functioning the way it used to in the past. It is the same case with our pancreas. Our pancreas is just a machine that produces insulin. However, with time, the pancreas gets older and decays and therefore fails to produce as much insulin as it used to when it was younger. In some diabetes patients, the pancreas is completely damaged, leading to their increased dependence on artificial insulin intake in the form of injections.

Pancreas damage is not the only thing caused by diabetes. In fact, diabetes can trigger a host of other diseases such as stroke, kidney failure, etc.

Diabetes and obesity: Now, how is diabetes related to obesity? Like I said before, fat is something which triggers type 2 diabetes more than anything else.

How to know if you are really obese: Here is a simple way to know it. Just measure your hips as well as waist with a scale and then divide your hips measurement by your waist measurement. This way you will be able to see if you are overweight or not.

So the formula for measuring your weight is simple:

Waist measurement
Hips measurement

Now if you are a male and if your waist to hips ratio is more than 1.0 then there is definitely danger lurking around you. You should start shedding weight asap. On the other hand, if you are a female, then a 0.95 score is higher than normal and is indicative of the fact that you are overweight. Once you are able to do away with your weight, it will become easy for you to get rid of diabetes.

Age: Diabetes has got something to do with age as well. It is no wonder that older people are more affected by diabetes than younger people. However, if you participate in regular physical activities as well as control your diet there is no reason why you won’t be able to cure diabetes fast.

Diabetes doesn’t mean the end of life. It can be easily controlled, if you are willing to follow the rules. I would suggest that you also join a diabetes membership site or a diabetes support group. This would help you keep focused on your health and you will be able to recover from diabetes faster.

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