Diabetes Cinnamon- How To Use Cinnamon To Cure Diabetes

There are millions of people in America who suffer from type2, non-insulin dependent diabetes. This type of diabetes usually occurs during middle age, and it is the root cause behind the premature deaths of more than 100 million people each year. Type2 diabetes occurs when our cells become insulin-resistant; in other words, they lose their ability to respond properly to insulin, the hormone which controls our blood sugar levels by taking away the excess glucose from blood and using it for energy. Fatigue, weight-loss and distorted vision are some of the symptoms associated with type2 diabetes. If left untreated, the symptoms can metamorphose into major diseases such as blindness, heart disease or even premature death. Cinnamon, the spice we use almost everyday in our kitchen, is the magic potion that can save many a type2 diabetes patients. If you want to know how, read this article.

Over the years, researchers in America have found that cinnamon actually helps in restoring our cell’s ability to respond to insulin, thereby removing a lot of glucose from the blood and lowering the risk of diabetes.

One of these researches was conducted on mice. When mice were given a dose of a cinnamon, their blood sugar levels fell dramatically. Researchers are now conducting the same tests on humans, and they are hopeful that they will again see the same results as in mice. They opine that diabetics need to take only one teaspoonful of cinnamon per day to keep their blood sugar kevels under control.

Many people suffering from type2 diabetes have been greatly benefited from daily intake of cinnamon. Cinnamon is also known as the spice that gives us energy. So, in a way, even non-diabetics can get a lot of benefits if they consume cinnamon daily as an energizing tonic.

Diabetics are generally resistant to magnesium as well. Cinnamon is rich in magnesium. Therefore it seems obvious that daily intake of this ready and cheap spice will offset many a disease that are related to insulin/magnesium imbalances.

If you are worried about how you would be able to fit cinnamon in your meal patterns, let me tell you how easy it is. Cinnamon is readily available in powered form and taking it couldn’t be easier! Just add it to your milkshake or favorite drinks or fruit juice and you are ready to go!

One thing that you should note in particular before taking cinnamon is: if you are under medical treatment then you should consult with your doctor before taking cinnamon. This is because cinnamon may affect certain medication prerequisites.

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