Diet Cure For Type 1 Diabetes-Important Things You Need To Know

Whether you are suffering from type1 or type2 diabetes, you need to follow a health diet, period. There is no question regarding the fact that the types of foods we eat and the diet pattern we follow have a considerable impact on the level of glucose in our blood. However, there are different opinions and views regarding the best diet cure for type 1 diabetes. In this article, I will tell what type of foods should be given to patents suffering from type1 diabetes. It is my hope that after reading this article, you will be able to change your diet pattern and incorporate only those foods in your diet that control rather than trigger type1 diabetes.

Several researches have been done over the years with regards to the diet cure for type 1 diabetes, and the general consensus is that a diet which is rich in fat and protein but contains a very low quantity of carbohydrates is the best diet cure for type 1 diabetes. Te main thing you need to remember is that you should consume as little carbohydrates as possible. The less the amount of carbohydrates you intake, the less your blood glucose level will be. However, since you are depriving your body of carbohydrates, you would need to eat foods which are rich in fat and protein in order to compensate your body for the loss.

One another thing that you should note is that insulin and food should be made to work with each other, not against each other. The best diet cure for type 1 diabetes is one which strikes a good balance between food and insulin. The activities of food and insulin are connected- insulin is a hormone that breaks down the food and takes away the excess amount of glucose and uses it to form energy or stores it elsewhere for future use. If insulin and food become out of balance then you won’t be able to control diabetes even if you want to. People who do not suffer from diabetes however, won’t be facing this problem as they produce the right quantity of insulin needed to control the flow of blood glucose that increase after having a meal.

You should include foods like rice, bread, pasta, and other starchy foods in your daily diet. In order to provide your body with the necessary protein, you must also include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

It is obvious that a healthy diet is very important for a diabetes patient. However, you should also note that the amount of food you want and the time at which you have your meals also greatly impacts your blood sugar level. For example, if you consume huge quantities of a particular food and on top of that, take food at odd hours, you won’t be able to prevent diabetes even if you are having a healthy diet. If you need more information regarding the best diet cure for type 1 diabetes, [adrotate banner=”16″]