Diet Cure For Type 1 Diabetes: The Easy Way To Create A Perfect Diet Plan For Yourself

Type1 and type2 diabetes are completely different things. Type1 diabetes occurs when our pancreas can no longer produce the amount of insulin required to control the rising level of blood sugar. When our pancreas fails to control our blood sugar levels, our beta cells take up the responsibility of producing the required insulin. Unfortunately, due to too much pressure from the rising blood sugar levels our beta cells fail to produce the required amount of insulin. Over time, sugar builds up in our blood vessels and damages our internal organs. This is how type1 diabetes occurs. In this article I will tell you what types of foods you should eat in order to cure type1 diabetes.

There are several symptoms of type1 diabetes that you will notice as soon as the disease begins to attack your body. For example, you will feel extremely tired and thirsty all the time, and you will be unable to retain water in your body, resulting in increased urination. Other symptoms of type1 diabetes are weight loss and blurred vision.

A type1 diabetes patient needs to take insulin injections frequently to survive. But insulin alone cannot combat type1 diabetes if you don’t eat a healthy diet. That is why diet cure for type 1 diabetes is becoming more popular as a remedy for type1 diabetes. If you are a type1 diabetes patient, what you eat is as much important as when you eat. Generally speaking, an ideal diet for a type1 diabetes patient is one which must contain both carbohydrates and fats; at the same time, your foods must contain low amounts of carbs, salt and sugar. Include foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables in your diet. Avoid caffeinated and soft drinks at all costs. If you want to know more about what types of foods you should eat in order to cure type1 diabetes, [adrotate banner=”16″]