Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning: 5 Tips To Avoid A Carpet Cleaning Disaster

It is a well known fact that regularly cleaning your carpets helps them to look fresh and new. And these days, instead of hiring professionals, many people prefer to take up the job of carpet cleaning on themselves, because it suits their budget as well as their schedules. In this article I will tell how to clean your carpet in such a way so as to get it cleaned the way you expect.

1. Before you even start the process of cleaning your carpet you should remove as much furniture as possible from your room. You should then clean your room using a vacuum cleaner. The more dirt you are able to clear from your room before cleaning the carpet, the better the end results will be!

2. Your next step is to find a good carpet cleaning system. There are several carpet cleaning systems available for rent so choose what best suits your budget. Some companies and retail outlets even sell the same ultra modern systems that professionals use to clean carpets. The downside is that those systems may not have enough power in them to clean your carpet properly. Before renting any carpet cleaner, you should make sure that it has enough vacuum to get your carpet dry within twelve hours of cleaning it. If you are unsure of this, consult with your local carpet manufacturer or retailer.

3. There are some don’ts that you must follow when cleaning your carpet. Don’t use too much detergent or water when cleaning your carpet. Avoid wetting your carpet too much. Excessive moisture can actually damage your carpet and its very structure. Prolonged dampness may result in your carpet being attacked by bacteria and mildew.

4. You can always consult with the manufacturer of your carpet as to which cleaning systems are best suited for your carpet. But no matter whatever they suggest, make sure that you buy a carpet cleaner that has a pH of less than 10, and that the product claims to leave no sticky residue behind. If your carpet is made up of natural fibers like wool, try to find a cleaning system that is specially suited for carpets of your type. Thoroughly wash your carpet in water to remove the extra remnants that your cleaning solution might have left behind.

5. As a rule of thumb, you should clean your carpets with the cleaning systems that are specially manufactured for them. For example, if your carpet is ‘stain resistant’, you should clean it only with the tools that are specially made for such types of carpets, otherwise the stain resistance characteristic of your carpet maybe damaged and if your carpet is covered by any warranty, the warranty will automatically be voided. To avoid damaging your carpet in any way, avoid solutions containing bleaches, brighteners, or silicone-based anti-soil treatments, as they do more harm than good.

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