Do It Yourself Irrigation: How To Select The Correct Pump For Your Irrigation System

If you are going to install a new pump for your irrigation system, or want to understand your existing pumping system better, this article will help you!

One huge mistake most people make is buying a pump before designing the irrigation system itself! Don’t make this mistake! Design and finish your irrigation system first, then buy the pump. People lose hundreds of dollars in buying a pump that doesn’t fit in to their irrigation system. Then they regret their decision and hope for a quick magic fix. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to this problem. The only advice I can give you is design your system first, and buy the pump later.

Some stores are selling pumps with misleading performance levels. Make sure you buy the pump that can work according to your expectations. Some pumps will have a label called “XX GPM, XX PSI”. Others might have a label such as “XX GPM, XX feet of lift”. The one critical thing you need to understand in this regard is that you either get one or the other, not both. So choose carefully.

One another thing you need to know before buying pumps is: there are some stores and websites out there which are selling small centrifugal pumps as irrigation pumps. The reason I would like to warn you about this is because centrifugal pumps and irrigation pumps are suited for different purposes. A genuine irrigation pump will be able to run a complete sprinkler system, while the ones that are being marketed as ‘irrigation pumps’ are made for running a small sprinkler head, not a sprinkler system. Typically, genuine irrigation pumps are being sold as ‘high pressure pumps’.

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