Do It Yourself Manicure: 3 Steps You Should Follow For Getting The Perfect Manicure

In this day and age, looking beautiful is more important than anything else. Your nails not only form an integral part of your body; they also form an integral and inseparable part of your body language. You use them regularly in conversations in order to emphasize your point. Hence it is important that you groom your nails as much as the rest of your body. There are some easy steps which, if you follow, will help you get a professional looking manicure from the comfort of your home. Here are the 3 easy steps that you should follow:

1. Before you even start the process of manicuring, you need to remove the stains of old nail polish from your nails. An easy way to do this is by using a cotton ball. Dampen the cotton ball in nail polish remover and press the ball on your nails for ten seconds or longer. This should remove any or all of the stubborn nail polish remnants from your nails.

2. Next, you need to shape your nails. You can use an emery board for this purpose. Make sure you properly file and shape your nails; don’t just file your nails haphazardly. Also make sure you don’t file away your nails at corners as it does nothing other than weakening your nails. In other words, when you are filing your nails, you should file them completely!

3. If you need to trim your nails, always use a nail clipper and never use scissors or any other tools. Scissors cannot properly trim nails and if you use scissors your nails will be broken at some places, and at other places they won’t get trimmed properly. To avoid those mishaps, always use a sharp and good quality nail clipper.

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