Do It Yourself Pool: How To Design Your Pool The EASY Way!

In this article, I will tell you how to design your pool the easy way. Note that the instructions given here are for constructing the simplest pool possible. You should of course be more creative than that. For example, you might want to have a pool of the shape of a kidney. Or you may want an oval pool. In any case, when creating your pool, one thing you should think about is: are you creating this pool for yourself or for your kids? If this pool is for yourself, it should obviously be a little deep; you can experiment with many different depths but a 10 feet depth is what I recommend. On the other hand, if this pool is to be made for your kids, a 2 feet depth is enough for the purpose.

If you want the pool to have a set of descending steps, take your shovel and start digging, then with the dirt, make your steps. If you used to play with dirt in the fifth grade you will know how much fun it is to create those steps. Clear off the extra dirt after you are finished creating those steps, Of course, you can buy yourself a set of steps once your pool is finished!

After this, most is left on your imagination. Try and jog your memory a little. You must have seen your neighborhood pools. What do they look like? What have you read about swimming pools in magazines? What else would you like to add to your pool? Would you like to have a seat in the pool, or a cup holder? Remember that at this point, your imagination is the only thing that is holding your back.

Once you have a clear idea of what features you want, use the dirt to create those features. Use your shovel and pat the dirt dry so that it is solid when finished. You can also use rammers for the purpose. In fact, rammers are a good choice for this kind of job as they will give you the perfect shape by compressing the dirt from all sides.

And remember to landscape the place around the pool! You will want a smooth, flat surface around the edge of your pool so that you can place some lawn chairs and tables there. So plan everything accordingly!

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