Eliminate Flies: 5 Surefire Ways To Get Rid Of Flies

Flies generally attack households in summer, but in some areas, we see them buzzing all throughout the year. Houses that have animal farms attached to them are more vulnerable to files than those who live in cities or suburbs. And unfortunately, these days, the ordinary and out-dated methods of eliminating files don’t work at all! In this article I will tell you of five surefire ways to eliminate flies fast!

1. Identify the place: First of all, you need to inspect your whole house and identify the areas in which files are breeding, or are likely to breed. Generally, files breed in places which have animal manure, rotten fruits, garbage, etc. Then there are places through which a house fly can enter your house. You need to plug such cracks too! Look for small cracks in your foundation, in window screens, in doors, etc. Even the smallest crack is enough to let the fly in.

2. Sanitation: Once you have identified the breeding grounds for house flies in your house, it is time to take steps to sanitize those places. For starters, you need to make sure that your trash cans are regularly emptied. You need to clean your trash can and trash bags regularly before you can use them.

3. Plug the holes: House files will sometimes enter your house through a crack on the window panes, through a hole in the window screen or through the opening of a door that doesn’t shut properly. Your job is to fix those things and see to it that all possible holes and cracks in your house are properly plugged so as to make it impossible for the fly to gain entry to your house.

4. Use chemical sprays: You can easily procure a spray for houseflies from your local stores. Most sprays eliminate house files by killing them. However, it would be stupid to rely solely on the chemical sprays. Chemical sprays can only give you temporary relief and if you have not properly followed the sanitization procedures above then it is unlikely that you would ever be able to eliminate houseflies from your house. While you should use chemical sprays on a short term basis, for long term results, you should take steps to eliminate the very breeding grounds of the files.

5. Fly baits: Fly baits are not always effective, but if you can use them properly, these baits can give you some temporary relief. To be effective, you need to place the bait at strategic locations, especially near your trash cans and receptacles. Make sure you don’t place baits in places where children or dogs are likely to visit.

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