Eliminate Gas Pain: Magic Home Remedy To Eliminate Gas Pain

Gas problems have become very common. In this article, I will tell you about one common home remedy that can do wonders for your stomach.

The magic home remedy that I am talking about is ginger. You might have been using it daily for cooking; however, ginger has many other benefits that most people don’t know about. One big advantage of ginger is that it has no negative side effects on our body, which is why more and more people are using ginger to cure their stomach troubles.

For example, the ginger root itself is known to cure nausea, indigestion, and motion sickness. It can also cure bloating and gas. There are however different doses of ginger that you should use on different occasions. For example, about twenty to twenty five minutes before traveling by sea, you should take at least 940 milligrams of ginger as it can really help you to alleviate nausea and sea sickness.

Take ginger tea regularly. Mix one teaspoonful of ginger with one cup of boiling water to make tea. You can also mix one teaspoonful of ginger with fruit juice.

Ginger oil is also very helpful in curing upset stomach. To make ginger oil, drop one pint of ginger in boiling water. Then cover your head and close your eyes, and inhale the smoke for about five minutes.

The daily dose of ginger should not exceed more than two to three grams per day. If you are a pregnant woman, the daily dose of ginger should not exceed one gram per day.

Note that while ginger is good for most people, if you are already suffering from diseases such as heartburn or gallstones, then be sure to consult with your doctor before using ginger.

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