Eliminate Gophers: 3 Surefire Ways To Get Rid Of Gophers

If you thought that gophers are harmless creatures, then you cannot be further from the truth! If you have a garden, they might be secretly eating up your fruits and flowers without your knowledge. Not only that, they might even be destroying the very foundation of your house! However, there are some easy ways to eliminate gophers, and once I implemented these strategies, gophers became a thing of the past. In this article I will tell you about three surefire ways to eliminate gophers fast!

1. Trapping: One of my favorite ways of eliminating gophers is by trapping them. I trap gophers whenever I spot them. I don’t spare a single one of them. This method alone has rid my garden of nine gophers.

I have also fenced my entire garden so as to make it virtually impossible for gophers to gain an entry into it. Make sure that your fences are not too short in height, or they are useless. However, fences needn’t be too high either!

If however, you are a novice at this job, trapping gophers may seem to be a difficult job for you. Basically, you will face only two major challenges when trapping gophers. First, you need to make sure that you are trapping all of the gophers that inhabit your house or garden. Trapping only a few gophers is not going to eliminate them! Secondly, when you lay the trap for gophers, you need to make sure that no other animal can get trapped in it! One easy solution to this problem is to use baits that attract only gophers. You can lay the bait and trap in such a way that as soon as the gophers rush in to eat the bait, the trap instantly entraps them and halts their movement.

2. Double Bubble gum: Have you seen the bubble gums manufactured under the brand name of Double Bubble? Well, they are not your typical chewing gums. A plant expert one day suggested me to use this particular bubble gum. The truth is that gophers love this particular brand of bubble gum very much but the irony is, as soon as they consume this gum, it instantly kills them. Talk about killing in a humane way? Well, then this is the most ‘humane’ way of killing gophers and getting rid of them forever.

3. A third, and probably the best way to eliminate gophers is by destroying their habitat itself. Gophers generally live in burrows. What I do is buy gas cartridges from my local store, ignite it and place it in those burrows, which in turn destroys the burrow as well as kills all the gophers living in it.

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