Eliminate Voles: 6 Absolute Ways Of Getting Rid Of Voles

Voles are really a big nuisance, especially for those who have their own little cultivable lands. Voles can eat and destroy anything and everything they find, from small shrubs to trees. In fact, they can rip off the bark of a tree in such a way that it is exposed to bad weather and insects. In this article I will tell you about six natural ways to eliminate voles fast.

1. Destroy the habitat itself: The best way to eliminate voles is to destroy their habitat itself. If you find small strips of runaways in your garden that end in a nicely rounded hole, then you can be rest assured that both moles as well as voles inhabit there. In order to eliminate them completely, you need to mow down the grass around the tress and buildings regularly. You also need to prune down shrubs that grow on the fencing areas or on roadsides. Make sure you regularly remove weeds from your garden as well!

2. Mouse guards: Mouse guards are another good way of eliminating voles. To make a mouse guard, wrap up a strip of 1/4 inch wire mesh (hardware cloth) around the base of your ornamental as well as fruit trees. You should be able to make a 14 inch mouse guard with a diameter of 2-3 inches wrapped around the tree. Make sure you submerge the hardware cloth adequately in the ground.

3. Trapping: While trapping voles can prove costly, sometimes it is the only option you have to control their population if too many voles inhabit your garden. You need to lay at least fifty or more traps at strategic points in your garden in order to eliminate voles.

4. Chemical repellants: A fast way of eliminating voles from your garden is by using chemical repellants. It is really an easy way of freeing your garden, orchids as well as your house from voles. But don’t rely on chemical repellants alone! Because in seasons when food is scarce, voles may even eat repellant-treated tree barks. So make sure you use chemical repellants only on short term basis and that too in conjunction with the other methods and devices such as trapping, mouse guards, baiting, destroying runaways, etc.

Most chemical repellents come with their own set of instructions. Make sure you read those instructions before actually using them. Also, you should not use chemical repellants throughout the year. For best results, you should use chemical repellants only in late fall as well as in winter as and when the weather permits it.

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