Facebook Like Button Warning!

I just got an email from auctionbytes that if you are embedding the Facebook™ Like button on your site in FBML format it can artificially increase pageviews of your site, and that is (probably) what you would get to see in your Google Analytics account. More importantly, it also causes the creation of duplicate pages which means your site being penalized by Google™ for duplicate content.

If you know me I don’t believe in the duplicate content b.s., but one thing I noticed after switching to the iframe embedding method is that my site started loading a bit faster than before, so I think for that reason alone it is worth switching to iframe. :D

The solution for WordPress users?

Well, I cannot say about other WordPress plugins for Facebook but if you are using my recommended WP Facebook Like plugin (which is what I use on this site as well), you only need to visit the plugin options page by clicking on "Settings=>WP Facebook Like" and switch the "Embedding Method" to "iframe"! Simply really! :D

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  1. Renee

    Thank you so much for the tip! I chose to embed instead of using the plug in so now I will either change to the plug in or check all my blogs (ugh!) to see which configuration of the embedded button I used.

    As always, you keep us informed and I appreciate it.

  2. Lane Lester

    I haven’t been using that plugin, but I’ll give it a try… and using the iframe function.

    You like comments? I like comment forms that are do-follow! :-)

    1. Arindam


      I think you will become a dofollow when you have “enough” comments, LOL. :D I removed the info on it from my blog coz I was getting too much spam like “Hello, nice article, will come back for more soon”. I suppose there is a reason why big G always keeps its algo a secret. :P

  3. Randy Brickhouse Sr.

    I didn’t know about the WP Facebook plug in. Where have I been? The info was top notch, it’s something we really needed. With all the changes going on at Google; we had better stay on top of things.

    Thanks and God bless.

  4. Rhonda

    Very useful information! Thanks so much for sharing. Love using WordPress plugins, but some are better than others, and I always appreciate knowing specific recommendations.

  5. Debra Garrison

    Thanks for the tip will check my blogs

  6. al gates

    You are very good Arindim.
    Thanks for your useful tips.


  7. Nan

    Another “boring” article. LOL

    Thanks for the tip, Arindam. :-) I’ll definitely check into it.

  8. wai kei

    I’ve always trusted your advice, Arindam.
    So I am going to try this plugin on my site.
    Hope it gets me plenty of sales

  9. Kathlene

    What timing. I was just thinking about adding something like this today. Funny how things show up just when you need them. Thanks for the tip.

  10. Robert Bland

    Thanks for the Facebook “like” info. It was very helpful,as are all your post I have read so far!
    Thanks Again

  11. Carl @ Electronic Gifts for Men

    Thanks for tip Arindam…I don’t use FB buttons on my sites right now but we’re starting a new project and FB would be a big part of our strategy. Reading this post and getting a link to the plugin was very good timing for us.

  12. Craig Taylor

    Thanks I will give that plug in a try – not used Facebook much so far but will probably have to start looking at it given its soo big now.