Free 2checkout Accounts For Non-US Marketers

It is another Sunday when I have got good news for you (the new subscribers probably won’t get the hint).

If you don’t have a 2checkout account just because you cannot (or won’t) pay the 50 bucks as signup fee, here is good news. If you sign up for a 2checkout account on 6th May (mark that date on your calendar please) using a Visa or MasterCard, and pay in any currency other than USD, your signup fee would be reimbursed within 5 business days.

From's blog:

"This coming Tuesday, May 6, 2Checkout will be deploying a new currency processing solution for Vendor Account Signups.

As an incentive for you to try it out, we will refund the signup fee for anyone who chooses to pay for their signup using a Visa or MasterCard and a currency other than US Dollars!

Please note, if your credit card is not based in the currency you select, your card issuing bank may credit you with a slightly different amount than you were originally charged due to fluctuating exchange rates or bank policy.

This incentive program will be run from 10am-10pm EST on Tuesday, May 6 and all currency signups placed within that timeframe will be refunded within the following 5 business days."

Probably my American friends would be peeved at this because USD signups won’t be eligible for the offer. But I hope others find it useful.

I already have an account with them for my domain which is primarily for IM products. Probably I would signup for another account that would be for my niche markets. If you are a typical internet marketer you probably use Paypal as the only payment processor. I used to ignore 2checkout too, but from my membership site’s experience, I can say that while 70% of my members pay me using Paypal, the other 30% use 2checkout.

Plus it is useful as a backup Payment processor: if for any reason Paypal decides to shut you down (and there are actually 101 reasons why Paypal can shut you down, not to speak that they can limit your account access with or without any reason at all).

Flee free to leave your comments and feedback here as I really appreciate them.