How to Unfollow Those Who Don’t Follow You Back on Twitter!

I have not had time to test it out, but thought I should share this piece of information with you. I originally got this piece of information from a forum. Here are the 8 sites dedicated to the job of “cleansing your Twitter following”, so to speak ;)

Only one request: please make an exception for me-please don’t unfollow me even if I don’t follow you back, okay? ;) (kidding)


  1. Free Ads

    Twitter does not like repeated follow/unfollow and they can suspend your account for doing that. Also, Twitter has instructed tool developers not to include any mass unfollow feature. If the tool already has it, the tool developer should remove that feature. However, tool developers can include unfollow feature where the user can unfollow one person at a time. Only mass unfollow is not allowed in any tool, though there are a few that still has this feature.

    So, if you’re using mass unfollow be careful. Your account has high probability of being suspended.

  2. John

    I think this feature has been removed in all of the online applications. You can still get a list of who’s not following, but you have to manually unfollow them.

    1. Arindam

      Thanks John. Appreciate the update! :)