How To Achieve Success

First of all, learn how to master your area of expertise. But books and course and start finding people that will help you achieve your goals.

Now analyze each part of the skill you wish to master. First draw a theoretical analysis, then a practical one. Practice relentlessly. Unless you practice you can’t achieve your goals. To get the maximum benefit out of practice,. you should set a regulator schedule when you can practice your skill. This is important because if there is a long gap between two practice schedules then you will lose momentum and it will not work. So prepare a timetable for yourself and start practicing. And most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP! Imagine that you have become a successful person say, at the end of this decade. Imagination is vital to achieve your goals and self-discipline also comes through imagination. Create a burning desire within yourself to succeed.

All those ‘gurus’ whom you see now weren’t the results of a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. They didn’t become rich overnight. Ask them and you will know that all of them had a burning desire to succeed and a appearance to achieve success. If you ant to succeed you should ingrain these qualities within yourself. Create self-confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself. Say that you have done some of the most wonderful things in the past. Re-live those memories and build a self-confidence within yourself and say to yourself “Yes, I too can succeed’. When you believe that you can do something you will see that you have found ways to achieve that success. Be methodical. By this I don’t mean that you need to be a techno. What I mean is that you should conceive a clear-cut method to achieve your goals, or you will never achieve them. There is no one method to achieve a goal and also not all methods work for everybody can show you some examples of persons who have achieved success but you will be surprised to know that each person followed a totally unique method to achieve his/her success.

But Beware! Learn from them, don’t COPY them. That will take you nowhere. Learn from the gurus and see how they have achieved success. Split test and analyze each method and see which one will fit you. Then use that method. Remember, gurus can teach you and give you suggestions, but they can’t give you a cheat sheet for success. Because you have to do that for yourself Lastly do away with your fears. Never let fears come in the way of your success. What’s it that you are afraid of? What is it that is preventing you from achieving success? Once you confront your fears you will become much easier for you to make clear-cut goals and try out new methods and strategies.Enjoy!

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