How To Create Professional Squeeze Pages

As you already know, squeeze pages are created with only one aim in mind: to capture visitors and convert them to subscribers. However a little work should be needed to create a perfectly working squeeze page. You don’t need to panic because I am here to teach you all that.

First off, there different types of squeeze pages and also they can have several uses:

1. If you have a newsletter, you can let visitors subscribe to your newsletter through your squeeze page

2. If you have got a freebies, you can tell the visitors that they need to subscribe to your newsletter in order to get the free gift. Here again, you use squeeze pages

3. If you have nothing to offer for free, then too you MUST create a squeeze page. Suppose you are selling a product for $150.You just put up a squeeze page then tell your visitors the main benefits of your product-and then tell them that to get more information n on the product, they need to fill up your subscription form.

You must highlight the main features of the product you are selling, but you shouldn’t reveal all of it. Your aim is just to salt their desires and they will eagerly subscribe to your list in order to get more information about your product.

Now see what happens. Suppose out of 500 visitors,200 subscribe to your list and then view your main product sales page. Out of 200,only 50 people purchase your product. Now look at it, didn’t you get the other 150 subscribers for free?
Now see the scenario in a different light. What would have happened if you haven’t used a squeeze page? If you wouldn’t have used a squeeze page, you would have lost these extra 150 subscribers!


It totally depends upon your aim of using a squeeze page. If your aim is just to get subscribers for your list, a simple squeeze page will do fine. On the other hand, if your aim is to sell products, then a little craftsmanship maybe needed to craft it.

I also use squeeze pages when my sale is closed, so as to get subscribers who will be interested in my future offers. It’s like getting future customers for free.

However, a squeeze page is much more than what you see on the surface. You need to add some elements to add to a squeeze page which will capture the visitor’s psycho so that he is ready to get into your list.

Some of these elements are:

1. A short but bold and catchy headline

2. 3-4 bullet points which will describe a little bit about the product or free gift you are offering. In general, a squeeze usually only contains one paragraph of language that could be described as sales copy. In many cases, a squeeze page is simply an opt-in form that contains two or three sentences of copy inside of the actual form.

One thing that you should note is that you MUST treat your squeeze page as a part of your sales copy. You don’t need you be a great copywriter to write a squeeze page, just be sure to craft your squeeze page with the same skills that you have used in crafting your sales.

3. A little bit of audio will further enhance the appeal of your squeeze page and if you are an expert, your audio will hypnotize the visitor so that he has no other way but to subscribe to your list. But again, don’t over do it. Use it sparingly. Also audios don’t work for everybody-if it works for me, it doesn’t mean that it will work for you too. Test out every squeeze page. If you see that by adding audio, your conversion levels have dropped, then don’t use it.

A good audio software that I always use and recommend is Web audio. It is like Midas’s touch-even if your audio is otherwise not up to standard, this software add special effects to your audio so as to enhance its appeal.


This is very important would recommend you use PPC ads because they work best with squeeze pages. I use and always recommend Google Adwords.

Now, in order for your squeeze pages to work properly with PPC ads, your squeeze pages need to be keyword rich so as to optimize the squeeze pages for Adwords. The more optimized your pages are, the less you will pay to Google.

You can use Overture’s free keyword tool to get your keywords.

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