How To Increase Traffic To Your Website And Promote Your Business For Free

Creating a website is not enough, unless you have succeeded in bringing in a regular inflow of traffic to it. Traffic is the life blood of any website, but we all know that quality traffic costs money. However there are affordable and free website promotion techniques available which you can use day in and day out to bring in traffic without spending too much. Some traffic techniques do require some time, others don’t require much time at all. But unlike paid traffic, these free traffic techniques will bring in traffic to your site for your whole life.

So let’s discuss some affordable website promotion techniques:

SEO Fix: Many of us don’t know but naming our websites and web pages after the keyword we are targeting can bring us that extra traffic which no other website promotion technique can. For example, suppose you are targeting the keyword ‘diet’, or let’s say, your website is about ‘dieting’. You buy a domain name which has the keyword ‘diet’ or ‘dieting’ or ‘weight loss’ in it. Studies have shown that people who buy hot keywords based domain get truckloads of traffic. Here is how: a person searches for the word “diet” in Google and your website comes up in the search results since your domain has the keyword “diet” in it. This is called “type-in” traffic. No one knows for sure how much traffic comes up from “type-in”, but according to a recent estimate made by a Yahoo! Official, type-in traffic can actually make up to 15% of more of its search business. This is one of the best website promotion techniques which you can use for free if you know how to.

Now that you have purchased a hot keyword based domain, your next step should be to place that keyword in the meta tags of all your web pages-say, if your domain name is, then in the title of your website, you can put something like:” Ways To Lose That Extra Flab Without Starving”. Make sure that the keyword should also appear in your web pages at least 6-7 times. You can also create your web pages targeting the keyword ‘diet’, say, you can name your webpages as dieting.html, how-to-diet.html, etc.

Article Writing: Now you can start writing articles based on that “hot keyword”; in our case, “diet”. Make sure that your articles have a keyword density of at least 3-4% and that that keyword should also appear in the title of your article. Make sure to post your website link in the article resource box. You can post the articles in high traffic ezine directories. There are certain ezine directories which Google actually loves. When a person searches for ‘diet” in Google, search results from these article directories comes up and who knows your article might be the one that the visitors pick up! Visitors who are interested in your articles are obviously interested in your product too. In other words, these are targeted visitors, so targeted that there is a good chance that at least 20% of these visitors will actually click through your link, go to your website and buy your product too! Article marketing is one of the oldest website promotion techniques and it is interesting that while the latest and greatest advertising techniques have risen and fallen, article marketing still lives, and in my opinion, will continue to be marketer’s no.1 free website promotion technique.

Traffic Exchanges: People say that traffic exchanges are dead. Well, they are not. Actually, if you know how to sue them correctly, you will get good quality traffic from traffic exchanges too. If you want to take advantage of traffic exchanges, don’t send your visitors directly to your article page or your website. You need to make them want to visit your site and you do this by forcing them to click to go to your site instead of forcing them to land directly at your website.

Needless to say that there are scores of other free website promotion techniques but I gave you an overview of some of the free website promotion techniques people use. Now go and start driving free traffic to your website! For more information on how to increase your website traffic for free, [adrotate banner=”37″]