Love Tips To Seduce Women: Secrets Of Seducing Single Women The Easy Way! – Part I

When it comes to dating, there are usually two types of guys. Guy A is able to seduce a woman instantly over the phone while Guy B doesn’t progress much even after going around a woman for months. Guy B thinks that Guy A is plain lucky. In this article I will tell you why Guy A is able to seduce a ‘blind date’ through a phone conversation while Guy B couldn’t seduce women even after physically meeting them for months. And no, this has nothing to do with luck.

The feature in Guy A which attracted the woman is his charm and personality. He has a sex appeal, and he knows how to use it for his own advantage. And don’t think you cannot be like Guy A. By following a few simple steps you will be on your way to attracting tens of hundreds of women!

1. When you meet a woman for the first time, make her feel as if she is the only gorgeous, sexy and attractive woman you have ever met. Tell her what it is that you find attractive in her.

2. Give your woman your fullest attention – mental, physical and emotional. Make her feel as if she is the most important person in the world. Lend a patient and sympathetic ear to her views and thoughts. Let her feel that she is worth a billion dollars for you.

3. One of the biggest mistakes that guys make while dating is that as soon as they meet the woman, they start talking about themselves instead of listening up to the woman. This is a wrong approach. Women don’t like guys who don’t give them their full attention. Listen guys, if you want to win a woman, you need to forget about yourself, and keep talking to her about herself – what she is good at, what is it about her that you like, how beautiful her yes are, etc. This is the single most effective way to attract and seduce a woman.

4. Don’t think that once you have managed to have a date with a woman, you have won her. It’s not that easy! Seducing a woman takes time. You should never let your woman feel that she is lonely. Make her feel that you are there for her. Send her cards, flowers, candies, telegrams, and gifts as often as you can. Strike up a conversation with her over the phone as frequently as possible, but don’t go overboard about it or she might feel irritated.

5. Make your woman depend upon you for everything. Make yourself a companion that she can depend upon. So that when you are not around, she will miss you and feel the pain of your absence. This will make you a special object to her and the next time you meet her, she will jump in and be all over you!

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