Low Carb Atkins Diet- The Truth About Low Carb Atkins Diet

Finding low carb Atkins diet foods is not as hard as you may think. You don’t need to visit a specialty store to purchase low carb foods. Your local grocery has its own selection of low carb foods. Or if you prefer, you may order low carb foods from your favorite, local restaurant. In this article I will tell how to get access to low carb Atkins diet foods easily.

Before visiting your local grocery store, always keep a packet sized carb counter handy. Your grocery shop will generally store two types of foods: fresh foods and processed foods. With processed food packages, you can easily check how much carbohydrate the package contains by clearly looking at its ingredients and nutrition information printed on the package. With fresh foods, however, it’s a bit more difficult to determine the calorie level, because no nutrition information is printed on fresh foods. Sure you can remember a dozen of food items that are allowed under the low carb Atkins diet plan, but it is always wise to use your carb counter in such situations.

If you want to buy low carb foods from a convenient store instead of your local grocery, it is far easier task, because convenient stores have a ready selection of food items than your grocery. The key is to visit the right section of the convenient store. Obviously the section where you find chips and cookies are not for you. If you move a bit further you will see that there are official Atkins diet snack bars, liquid shakes or even some fresh foods that contain a low amount of carbohydrates.

If neither the grocery nor the convenient store suits you well, your next alternative is to visit your local restaurant and order low carb items from there. While most restaurants generally have low carb alternatives for almost all of their high carb foods, there are some restaurants that don’t have these facilities. If you are in doubt over whether the foods you are ordering are low in carbohydrate or not, just order the foods without sauce and other sweet add-ons that are likely to contain high amounts of carbohydrates. If in the course of your journey you find one restaurant that typically serves only low carb foods or has a large selection of low carb food items, don’t forget to write down the name and location of that restaurant so that the next time you need to gorge on low carb foods, you can just visit this particular restaurant.

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