Low Carb Diet Fact: 3 Essential Truths You Must Know

Triglycerides and triglycerides level are two different things. When fat is stored in our body, it is usually stored in a form known as Triglycerides. When however, we talk about triglycerides level of a person, we mean the level of triglycerides in the person’s blood. If the person has a high triglycerides level, he can suffer diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. In this article I will tell you how low carb diets help you to lower your triglycerides level.

Why low carb diets are best for getting rid of cholesterol and triglycerides?

Low carb diets are now regarded as the best defense against high triglycerides level. Doctors generally recommend patients suffering from heart diseases and diabetes to have a low carb diet. One reason being that it dramatically reduces that level of triglycerides. Another reason is that it significantly increases the level of HDL, or the good cholesterol. People who have a high level of HDL seldom suffer from heart disease. That is not all! If you suffer a serious injury or accident and if you have a high level of HDL, you will recover quickly than others. Do you know why a high level of HDL is good for you? Because HDL by nature takes away the excess amount of bad cholesterol from blood and deposits it into the liver, where it is broken down. This means that you have a low level of cholesterol in your blood and you needn’t worry about heart diseases.

While HDL is good for you, LDL or the bad cholesterol is bad for you, because a high level of LDL is the precursor of heart disease. Although there is some controversy over statement, it is generally beloved that a low card diet tends to decrease the LDL level of a person, lowering risk of heart related problems. So we can safely conclude from this that carbohydrates have a positive impact on the good cholesterol and negative impact on bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and this is good for your health.

Overall, it seems that if you want live a better and healthier life: if you want to lose weight and feel better; if you want to cure diabetes and live longer without the pain of insulin injections, or if you want to save your from high risk heart related problems such as heart disease and strokes, or simply, if you want to live longer, then having a low carb diet is the way to go.

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