How to Use Mederma Gel to Get Rid of Acne Scars and Blemishes

Acne scars are the bane of a lot of people, especially kids and young women. If the skin irritation caused by acne is not bad enough, you also get terrible-looking blemishes and scars on your face long after the acne is cured! To be honest, these scars are usually harmless, but they do bother some people due to their ugly exterior! In fact, with some people, their self-confidence takes a dip when their body is riddled with acne scars! If you are one of these people and would like to make your skin look as good as it was before the acne attack, then this article is for you!

If you have been hunting for various acne scar removal treatments, you might have come across the Mederma gel. It is a simple and light gel made up of two natural ingredients: onion and Aloe Vera. Onion has strong anti-bacterial properties which help in reducing not only the skin inflammation but also the redness of the scar tissue; it also helps tone up the skin really well; Aloe Vera is similarly powerful in battling acne scars. A lot of people apply the Mederma gel on the affected areas for 3-4 times per day (I recommend you apply it four times a day for maximum effect) in order to alleviate the appearance of the blemishes and stains.

There are various types of scars you can hide using the Mederma gel. Let us say that you have had hypertrophy; this variety of acne causes the skin fibers to grow atop each other, thereby creating an ugly look; such scars can be treated effectively with the Mederma gel! There is another type of acne scar which causes ugly patches (which in turn give the skin a dented appearance) to appear on your skin; again, Mederma is quite effective in hiding these scars as well!

You can use the Mederma gel not just to treat new scars but even very old scars, and don’t think that Mederma is only good for treating acne scars; let us say that you have had a terrible accident long time ago and the scar you had due to that refuses to go; in this case too, you can use the Mederma gel!

There are a lot of factors that influence the amount of time it would take the Mederma gel to make its effect; it is generally believed that the sooner you start applying the gel (from the day you got the scar), the faster you would get the result, because the longer a scar remains on your body, the more time it would take for the gel to reduce its appearance.

Since Mederma gel is 100% natural, side-effects from it usage are virtually non-existent; even then, I should mention that just in case you experience any type of abnormal skin irritation after its use, you should stop its application immediately! Please also note that while Mederma gel is good at hiding the scar, it does not actually remove them; in other words, if you suddenly stop its application, the scars may come back, which is why I would suggest that you use it regularly!

Let me stress it again: it is NOT a permanent remedy for acne scar treatment, but if you just want to hide the scars temporarily or don’t have time to wait for the scars to heal naturally, then Mederma gel is a good solution for you!

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