My B’day Blowout

On 21st February,I will turn 21.Yes,I don’t celebtrate my birthday in any year,but do exchange gifts with friends.

This year,I have decided to gift something special to all my subscribers on my birthday.I won’t be able to visit my friends this year,because I will be away on an urgent job.However,I don’t want that my subscribers miss this event.My subscribers are the very reason why I exist.Without their continuous support,there is no ARINDAM CHAKRABORTY.
Therefore I have decided to giveaway 17 of the most valuable ebooks with Master Resale Rights to all my subscribers.There is no catch whatsoever-it’s completely fre.e.
To receive the gifts,you must be a subscriber of my free newsletter,Arindam’s Offers.In case you have not yet subscribed to it,just sent a blank email to:


  1. baumann

    Arindam, Happy Birthday and Thank You in advance for Your Great present.If You are 21 on the 21st that means its your Golden Birthday and I hope you get every thing you want and need on this most special of all birthdays!
    Thank You Very Much, John Baumann

  2. kidgrandy

    I just thought I’d drop a comment to let you know that we share the same birthday. I was born in 1951 so I have a few years on you. Best wishes for your special day! I will use mine visiting my grand daughters, Zia who is 3 and loves to play with Grandy (ME) and Natty who is 4 months new and seems to love the way I play as well. I don’t want to grow up I’m a toys r us kid:) What could be better than a day full of happy eyes and smiles? Hope yours has a few smiles too!
    Great tomorrows,
    -> KidGrandy

  3. fencewalker

    A most happy birthday to you, Arindam! May they continue but with a respectable time element between them.


  4. beanlandin

    Happy Birthday, Arindam!!

    May you have a year of great blessings!! Thank you for the gifts.


  5. Maddie

    Greetings Arindam and a MOST Happy Birthday to you! May your day be blessed, and may your coming year be filled with all bliss, joy, and success.


  6. tempest

    Happy Birthday Arindam
    hope you got lots of presents
    and are not working to hard today
    all the best
    Ronnie Donna-marie
    joanne scott shiloh the dog
    tom and sassy the cats and tikko the bird
    thats 8 happy birthdays in one post hahahah