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2 Quick Steps to Organic Gardening For You

Organic gardening is something that almost anyone can indulge in. For one, organic gardening is perhaps the healthiest way to grow anything under the sun, be it fruits, herbs or vegetables. Organic gardening can be started by anyone because it doesn’t cost much money; you don’t need to invest in chemical-laced pesticides, for example (you can’t, even if you have the necessary cash, else you will be breaking one of the cardinal rules of organic gardening!). Organic gardening consists of simple rules which can be easily applied to any lawn or garden and can increase the overall lifespan of any kind of plant.

Natural pesticides: Whoever told you that you need to use only chemical pesticides to kill the notorious pests? Anyone who told you that is really dumb or doesn’t know anything about natural pesticides. In fact nature has offered us everything we need to grow a healthy and successful garden organically, and it is a pity that so few of us know about the miracles of nature. Do you, for example, know that the herbs you are growing in your garden can also help you kill pests? Or that a simple mixture of water and vinegar can make a great natural pesticide?

Don’t the two methods I mentioned above work for you? Fear not, there are many more types of natural pesticides available. How about mixing soap with water? This solution is extremely potent at killing all the aphids that suck the life out of your plants! Another natural pest killer can be created by mixing garlic, onion and water – this solution in fact will not only kill the aphids but a lot more different kinds of insects and pests. As a rule of thumb, once these aphids are cleared from the leaves of your plants you should spray water on the plant once more.

The same vinegar solution I had mentioned earlier can also clean the weeds in your garden for you, so once again you have got no excuse for using chemical pesticides anyway! Make sure that 15% of the solution is vinegar and the rest 85% is water, and you have got a perfect weed killer there! Just make sure that you apply this solution only during the times when sunlight is extremely hot and bright so that it doesn’t cause any damage to the plants.

Natural Fertilizer: Natural fertilizers are made by decaying natural, organic materials so as to ensure the long and healthy life of your garden or lawn (and by extension, that of the plant too). Natural fertilization relies heavily on two processes: mulching (that is, using natural matter like rotten vegetables to cover the soil so as to prevent it from being wasted in erosion or evaporation) and composting (that is, letting the natural vegetable matter decay in order to be used as a manure or fertilizer).

First of all, for optimum health of your plants you need to till the soil at least for about five to six inches deep, out of which the first three inches including the topmost layer of the soil should be covered with the mulching materials so as to prevent soil erosion and weed growth, while at the same time encouraging the growth of your legit plants.

As you can see, organic gardening is really an easy, no-frills process which helps you maintain a healthy and lush garden in the most natural and effective way possible.

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