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Quitting Smoking: Top 3 Ways to Achieve Your Goal

If you have tried quitting smoking several times but failed, you are not alone and all hope is not lost. Believe it or not, I too was in your shoes not too long ago. In this article I am going to share with you three tips to help you quit smoking easily!

Commitment is very important: Do you know why I failed so often and why I succeeded later on? The keyword here is: commitment. Previously, I was not committed to my goal, which is why I had failed to quit smoking, not once but several times. I also assumed that I would fail; being negative and disillusioned all the time only seemed to make matters worse for me. I also kept my goal to myself only; I did not tell anyone else about it.

Then I decided to change my approach and do everything contrary to what I have done before: I wrote down my goal, broadcasted it my wife and friends, joined a support group and declared to them that I am going to quit. The support I got only boosted my self-esteem and helped further my cause. I suffered no more from negative feelings of any kind. It is not like I did not encounter a few failures thereafter, but I did not let those failures stop me.

Planning is equally important: No matter how motivated and pumped up you are about quitting smoking, believe me it is not enough, especially if you have been a chain smoker for years like I was! It is hard to get rid of an addiction. You need to plan out the whole process of how you are going to quit smoking, you have to create a system of rewards (so that you can reward yourself for every major and minor successes you have), you need to have a strong support system backing you, and most importantly, you need a person who is available anytime you call him in case of trouble. It is equally important that you keep your plan at a place in your home where you cannot help but notice it every day. I kept mine hanging on the wall on the opposite side on my bed; I also stuck another on the wall of my office.

Controlling your mind is even more important: Let us say that you have your goals clearly set, you have wrote down your plan too, but what if your mind tricks you by telling you that ‘one more puff ain’t gonna hurt’? Sometimes you will get urges which are very strong, hard to suppress and make you totally out-of-control until you start puffing again. But you need to discipline yourself and tell your mind that you would never ever take another puff because it IS gonna HURT!

Have you tried to quit smoking all your life but never succeeded at it? “Quit Smoking Magic” is quite a simple and effective solution I have been using for years. It does not advocate the use of complicated pills, gums, patches, therapy, hypnosis, nlp, audios, etc. Take action today and don’t be one of those 100 million people who die every year due to smoking-related ailments!

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