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What Are Djinn – All You Wanted to Know About Djinn

What are djinn (or jinn, or genie: they all mean the same thing)? What are their origins? How do they look like? Do they all look the same or different? What kind of powers djinn possess? How can they help you? How to use them? If you have such questions about djinn then you are reading the right article. In this article I will talk about djinn and how use them properly to get what you want.

The earliest mention of djinn can be found in Islamic theology and before that in the Arabian mythology. They can be compared with the ‘angels’ of the Bible. According to the Quran, these creatures are made of smokeless, scorching fire. When Allah asked all these angels to bow before Adam, Iblis (Azazel) was the only angel which refused to do so, and as a result, Iblis, or Shaitan (Satan) was banished to hell.

a) Powers: Djinn can live for thousands of years. In fact djinn are said to be created much before the creation of human beings. In general, djinn possess the power of invisibility. In fact the original Persian meaning of the word meant ‘something that is hidden from sight.’ It was the French who used the word ‘genie’ instead of ‘jinn’ while translating the Arabian nights because both words sounded the same. In English, the word, ‘genie’ as it is used now, means guardian spirit – the type of spirit that every human being is assigned as soon as he is born. You can say that something has truly been lost in translation!

Even though they are mostly invisible to human beings, they can see humans as well as possess them. Other powers of djinn include their ability to travel large distances at rapid speed. Djinn are thought to inhabit in very remote areas which are far from human habitation; usually they live in the air, in oceans and seas, up on the trees and sometimes even higher up – in the mountains.

b) Types: Marid: Marid, or Marida (plural of Marid): They are considered to be the most powerful of all djinn. As such, they have a rebellious spirit and are often uncontrollable. In folklore they are often portrayed as men with loud, booming voices as well as having chests resembling barrels! They are thought to be sea-spirits and due to their association with water, they are also known as the ‘blue-djinn’. Marid djinn are often believed to have assisted high priests and kings alike for ages. If you want the most powerful of djinn then Marid is what you want: indeed, their knowledge of magic is unrivalled in the djinn world. They are known to have the ability to grant any wish you have. Even though they are very powerful and knowledgeable, they are not computer experts so you don’t have to worry about them meddling with or damaging your hard drive. According to the grapevine there has been only one known case of a marid djinn being trapped inside a thumb drive and story goes on to say that the djinn damaged quite a considerable part of the computer operating system in an effort to free himself from the trap. Err, did not I tell you they are uncontrollable?

Jann: They are known as bitter enemies of the ghoul (or ghul, the nocturnal, shape shifting, evil djinn). They don’t mind staying in touch with the human society and are in fact are very non-judgmental about human beings. Did you know that the very first djinn discovered by human beings was Jann? They are shape-shifters and can take different forms: for instance, they can take the form of white camel as well as that of a whirlwind. They are very benevolent djinn. If they like a particular pack of desert travelers, they would turn themselves into oases in the desert, but if they don’t, then they usually hide themselves from human sight. Jann is supposed to be the weakest of all djinn.

Si’lat: They are very smart shape shifting genes; in fact they are said to be the smartest among all the djinn. They are smart enough to easily imitate any kind of representation of a human being!

Qarin: They are the guardian djinn assigned to each human being at the time of birth. It is said that Qarin can be both good and evil. If the Qarin is an evil spirit then it is said to persuade other people’s souls to submit to its evil schemes and desires by whispering to them!

c) Can Djinn really help you: Quite a number of Muslims believe that djinn are made of evil and are not creatures to be meddled with or else, they could bring trouble upon us. Any kind of contact with djinn could be dangerous, according to them. According to them, taking help from Djinn in any form or manner is akin to being a sorcerer. They believe that djinn are malicious liars and hence cannot be trusted. However, there are also people like Ibn Taymiyah who believe that it is fine and lawful to contact djinn, as long as he has a decent knowledge of the Shariah; a person without the knowledge of Shariah can be easily misled by a djinn. I would say that for ages Djinn have been greatly misunderstood as forces of evil, when in fact they are equally capable of good, as recent metaphysical practitioners have experienced. Not all Djinn take a human form but nonetheless they would still appear to you, either when you are sleeping – in your dreams, or whenever you meditate.

Djinn don’t make good option for those seeking emotional relationship with an astral creature. Djinn are loyal creatures but are also more business-minded than fairies, unicorns or mermaids. They are with you to serve you in every way they can, not to build any kind of emotional attachment with you. As such, it would be best if you don’t impose your own emotions or feelings on them.

d) How to use Djinn: If you want to control any djinn in order to make him or her do your bidding, then it is important to bind them properly to a vessel. Unless you are a metaphysical expert, don’t attempt to do this yourself; you will inevitably end up capturing and binding a few other malicious and harmful spirits in the process – which could turn your life upside down. This is not a job for the rookies out there; only a few expert conjurers can conjure and bind djinn to the appropriate vessels. Since djinn are extremely powerful as well as notorious, they can prove to be dangerous for you if they are not bound properly. It is also important that you are able to connect with the djinn you choose to purchase through your personal energy.

Depending on how they are bound, you may or may not need an invocation to summon a Djinn, and even if you need an invocation, it is not necessary to perform it only at night, although I highly recommend that you do it at night because at night it is easier to get a distraction-free environment where you can concentrate on the invocation in total silence. Also, Djinn are usually at the height of their powers at night. Get into the right frame of mind, focus your attention on the task at hand, and meditate deeply; I would say that meditation is the best way to invoke Djinn, but if you have purchased your vessel from a reputable seller you can trust their recommendations and instructions too. It is recommended to keep the binding vessel as close to your skin as possible, preferably in the form of an innocuous jewelry, so as to boost the connection between your personal energy and the Djinn’s energy.

Remember that no two human beings are alike so it is always a good idea to have a consultation with an expert rather than take advice from friends or relatives (unless they are experts themselves). Just like you won’t want to use a powerful drug without a doctor’s prescription, you would not want to mess with any powerful djinn without an expert’s suggestion and recommendation, right?

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